Sunday, 16 September 2012

Two Very Important Historical Notions to Consider - UN and USA/WW2

It must now be noted in the books out of the US American (strict) context that it is likely that USA has drawn the Satanic Cross over Japan with its two nuclear bombs on the southern cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! I insist here on religious context in comparison to objective history writing given that some may insist that religious terms are to be kept out of history writing.

Nr. 2: It must now be clear also that USA may have had other intelligence than Trygve Bratteli when the Norwegian Secretary General of the UN played the (undemocratic/Hitlerish) trick on the Russians as he erred (in terms of democracy) in granting the US Americans the rights by the UN because the assembly needs all parties gathered in order to obtain validity! This means then, that fundamentally, the decision on giving the go-ahead to the US Americans by UN must be seen as wrong, no matter how "hindsight (idiot) wise" I (and others) may appear by this!


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  1. The situation is very different than from what appears above. It must be clear, despite all, that USA is the leader of the free World. Its citizens is allowed by law the right to self-defence etc.

    The issue now is to go on with Emancipation 2.0 next to McCarthyism 2.0 in combatting the corrupt minds.