Friday, 21 September 2012

Over Animal Ethics and to PETA Too - This time it is the pigs...

Over PETA again and domestic animals, being a part of the animal ethics and applied ethics
This time it is over the pigs. The suggestion is one of multi-modal-approach, that the covers/shelters to wind and rain out on the grass fields must be in place, or at least is in place normatively as by recommendation and that one arranges for the animals to have special birth-bins with half-concrete (but enough still) and half-grass mat as with the cows and oxes formerly explained. Ordinary bins as with the cows and oxes (although they are called "stalls") should also be arranged for, but pigs are less complicated because they are not milked! Then the rest is up to you. Some even play music for the animals. This also concerns food and so on. Cleanliness level should be as high as vet standards demand and general animal standards outside this is also (largely/sufficiently) described by vet standards! Good luck to you, the farmers, the agronomists!

Note: For whatever the shelters, the bins, the stalls, animals do not walk about sharp edges very well and get easily cut up! This is also a notice, but probably already well into the vet's recommendations!
Note2: Just published to Facebook as message under profile and note also. Today, 2012-09-21 CEST.


  1. I have formerly written about the cows and oxes mostly for replacing the concrete flooring for grass mats that can have some kind of standard and standardly grown so as to be handled by a tractor (agricultural machine) with a special "lance device" or something for transporting the grass mat and putting it into place effectively! Let me try to identify it! (The concrete flooring has been known to be hurtful to cows and oxes knees and other leg bones, what do I know!)

    Indeed, as far as the vets' knowledge go, their recommendations on animal handling is usually the part of animal ethicists' theory too, as much as I've mentioned the frameworks of law as part of Objective Ethics where they are known to be based on Christianity up through history and other religions elsewhere. As you then know, the whole thing is fairly obvious!

    Let there be no doubt also that there will not be any holes in an Objective Ethical System and that this remains my goal in working with both ethics and applied ethics, ALL issues are to be covered insofar as they represent (ethical/moral) significance!

  2. Over animal ethics, I've also formerly written about electrocution of fur animals and I think they should be (sedated) and decapitated instead as the chickens get when chickens are butchered for food (also for KFC). There are issues with cages of hens that are producing eggs (and new chickens). There are the usual issues on considering people fit for animal handling whatsoever, that /can/ they have domestic animals? Let me think about some other until next time... Cheers!

  3. One example has dealt with people secretly creating great animal distress with some animal fur farms just to team up with broadcaster and accuse them after to something the fur farmers could never have prevented themselves because these disturbed animal activists could bring "specialists/vet" and create the necessary awfulness to put the whole thing out of business. This concerns at least one possible farm in Farsund "kommune", probably to little surprise NOW!

  4. My writing on grass mats for cows seems to have been removed in some way. It's suspected the date for it lies around 26 June 2012 at 20:02 CEST and may be considered important for the agricultural industry in both the animal ethics way and for the very production itself, that when the animals "live" as they should then the production is also optimal.
    Well, well, I'll search on, and in the meanwhile you can read from the above, as always in line with mu Objective Ethics under Philosophy Notes. Bye for now!

  5. The grass mats text for cows now identified:
    Funnily enough and over PETA, I got an idea for the milk cow today: to build the cow stalls directly on the grass/dirt field and so to avoid stress to the animals legs and well-being while being able to set on the milking mechanisms to the cows and over to the tank on the concrete floor! Good? (Also the cows will be able to go more directly and "happily" straight on to the field,
    increasing their out-door time, the natural way of living by habitat!)
    Url: !
    And for maintaining the stalls (layer) one has the customs of the football fields to renew the layer on the fields, especially the goalkeeper's area!
    Note on time-stamps (from Facebook):
    3 February at 07:13 (CET?) - 3 February at 07:21 (CET?)

  6. More to go:
    Concerning the fight against the fur/leather industry (good leather exempted and _you know why_), I just object to the notion that it will /help/ to stress the animals of these fur-farmers only to present /that/ media report later that displays these animals in this ugly, stressed condition (Soviet Union *NRK* or other)!! I think you get it. No, to the opposite, the fighting against the fur-industry is to be led in other ways such as ensuring a better slaughtering method (not electrocution by "ughh"...) and perhaps conditions for them as animals as they are brought up (they probably need "a bit of cheerful circumstances" in order to "deliver" that fur! Alright! Let's do it!
    (8 June at 01:23 (CEST?))

    Under Applied Ethics of course and respects to all (other) Animal Ethics philosophers in the World!
    (8 June at 01:23 (CEST?))

    Url: !
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and its affiliates are dedicated to the protection of animals worldwide..
    (8 June at 01:24 (CEST?)

    Over the slaughtering methods: and alternatively, chopping of the animals' heads, as death is secured within a second and has convention with chickens (as meat production, KFriedC) and is no worse than the legal making of Halal meat production, with or without sedatives of approved kinds... They have duties to implement if not in already!
    (2 seconds ago - "appx. time: 16:40, date: 2012/08/12 CEST."?)

  7. The general and super-consideration for all veterinary ethics must then be this:
    Despite the barriers to human - animal interaction and on grounds of scientific expertise, it must still be understood that "if it's possible to understand that one is abusing or hurting (badly) an animal then the action committed must be considered against Veterinary Ethics and one consequently falls liable to punishment and ethical guilt without the possibility to be excused!"

    This comes with the most strict code possible.

    First to Facebook, whether "active"/unactive!

  8. To the cattle, animal ethics further:
    Tazers can assist the slaughter of cattle by making them dowsy? I think so and that this should become standard in slaughtering cattle and so become even more humane! Agree? The tazers need to be set at a special strength, not necessarily zapping strong, so to speak!