Friday, 14 September 2012

The joy of Lambretta's Creep and other music...

Over Gnarls Barkley and his Crazy, here are a few "codes" for Lambretta's Creep under Ricoeur:
Singling gold: 3 possible meanings including The Man with a Golden Gun
Boy: infantile
Dove: 2 - dovegirl of innocence/"innocence" and a girl with the rising dove (well) above the head with a slight reference to a religious image/painting? of the (well known) kind of a younger man (the Angel Gabriel?) with a dove over the head.
Creep: "positively crazy" and a bit angry.
Time for girl: preserving/protecting her girl child back inside one's home/sanctuary, possibly also a slight sexual reference to her (in the song) boy/man!
Breaking up: Making havoc to infantiles' heads! Havoc - also the helicopter and the computer game.


Enjoy yours!

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  1. As much as Cheap Trick should have used "silver path" in the Mighty Wings song rather than "silver door"...