Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Forms after Plato - Some History of Christianity - Respects to Rev. Luther of Germany

- If one seeks to hold the forms, by Plato/Augustine, the highest with any church, one commits a worse deadly sin than any other deadly sin and it is, by consequence, to strike away these 3 important groups from the Bible, out of which one is "only" ignorance:

- Stricken: The 7/8 Virtues (8th as "Conscientia".)
- Stricken: The 10 Commandments
- Ignored: The 7/8 Vices
-- with the 8th Vice being stick with the Forms, i.e., the rituals, the words themselves only formally, the invokes, by theory of theology, an Induction to Christianity as a kind of religious test of nature to actually make Christians by having them to say words and to undergo religious rituals, the liturgy, the highest, that is, to support the formalities of the Church, any set, incl. possibly all, higher than the Word of God to one's own soul, the Bible, also by the deepest understanding itself.

Therefore, considering the Evangelical-Lutheran Church today, by Christianity, there is only one thing to conclude with: it holds STRENGTH and so much so too, honouring St. Peter, the Rock of Faith, higher/highest too, equal to the honours that St. Peter evidently receives by the Catholic Church.

(Please follow the Bible primarily, and with heart and soul too. Respects.)

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