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New Theory for the Rise of Adolf Hitler - Letter to the Colleagues

Dear Researchers of the World, Adolf Hitler Researchers and Others

There may be news for the Adolf Hitler Research for how the ugly things started to happen. As usual, I write to you in the hope that you like it, that you find it useful, with 5 contributions to Mensa (DE), setting me at 190+.This is a tip, an informal message.

New Theory for the Rise of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler research - Causes to his rise: After much investigation into human nature, especially lying, and psychiatric issues, mSomatism too, I find that Adolf Hitler may have come to power mainly out of 2 causes:

1. The lack of personal weapons in the German population. I bet with Wild Wild West, that most U. S. Americans would have one or more personal weapons at this point, also rifles (lever action incl.). 

2. There would be the special rule in navel-gazing Germany (we're BIG, 40-50 millions, whatever) that would allow anybody who could gather a larger mass of people and claim power by this gathering, that he (man dominant, sorry women) would win Germany and become the leader of the nation.

Extra: at the same time, big Germany has its many affiliations elsewhere, also suppressed by the settlement with France that costed heavily. That they aired thoughts with the U. S. Americans, still with their weaponry and good at it too. Excited with some approval, the Germans begin to pick up on crazy ideas, still due to the lack of personal weapons in their population, allowing much insanity to happen, under under-paid police. So the Germans report back to homeland from New York, with only the crazy ideas, "because only these ideas work with us, or that, "you corrupt Germans... well, well, you can talk to them", while massive people showed up with an ever-idiot A. Hitler "because he was friend with everybody".

So with the failure to reason behind the personal weapons of many, and consequently without the power to assassinate the crazy people too, Adolf Hitler takes power and coarse political rhetoric takes hold, "the Jews are to blame", plus others, "we're the best in the World", "we are HUGE, we take over the World", or whatever.

Conclusion: not only corrupt forces like that. No, the lack of personal weapons has made the German people inclined toward the corrupt mind, and that other factors made this inclination/disposition cascade/gather force so for Germany to make many idiot-mistakes, many that lead to dubious invitations, to fx. Henry Ford and others, and set crazy-Nazi-Germany ready for WAR! Insanity evidently most clear! Agree?

Before you "send this out": I have made "Financial Radicalism" and "Tri-Sturm-S", plus a bit.

Yours sincerely,
L. F. Olsnes-Lea



  1. Hitler Research - Warning!

    Given the new research on Hitler by the period between World War I and World War II, I can safely state that to object to other people's security "is to lick Hitler's a*s most intensely" and he can't be known for cleanliness along with his taste for carnage/carnal taste.

    To ending up intensely doing something under Hitler's a*s may be considered a considerable loss of intellectuality! You may very well be considered to have no say in the World at all. Alternative H*ll/purgatory?

    PS (outside letter more): The letter must be considered sent to the UN with strong encouragement for arming the World populations to greatest degree, in order to live up own UDHR, especially, Article 3. The right to (decent) life... (This is not entirely what the article says.) - - "Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."! Hurry! Make haste! (For progress to happen and severe cases of people being treated... not fairly...)

  2. Hitler is not a Christian. The reading of Christian Dube, a German, who has written about Hitler's speeches in the most linguistically analytical way!

    Report on Hitler's Speeches by Christian Dube, (loosely, excuse me) The Religious Language in Adolf Hitler's Speeches

    While Hitler is good in using God (even in terms of this "white" by "telepathy" or thereof), I object to Hitler being religious on these grounds:

    His deluded use of God (Gott) 41 - 11 positive.

    Other, selected:
    The Bible, only in 1940, 5 counts. (Bibel)
    Christianity, only in 1935 and 1937, 5 + 1 respectively (Christentum)
    Christian, only in 1935, 1939, 1940, 2 + 1 + 2, only (christlich)


    No, I only believe in devotion to the Superhuman Nazi and that the "white" bankvaults to be ready to consume "idiot" human and lay down flat with animal nature, New York, possibly, receiving "Auschwitz" ready for "waste". Utter crazy Nazi-Germany readified!

    I am capable of reading the most advanced and sophisticated German now. There is no room!

    Somehow, the Hindenburg airship has become a motivator for all sorts connected to pre-World-War II !

    Other striking words: heiligen, Heiligkeit, Katholik/en, katholisch, kirchlich, Protestant/en, Reformation (Rev. M. Luther), theologisch... ! No Abraham's people possible for Hitler. He sacrifices EVERYTHING, with his deluded words to his Reich-followers!

    Himmel must also in. 1 count, 1940.

    (First to Facebook, both to Notes and Timeline some hours ago, more than 24(?).)

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  4. Besides, Under Hitler and under Unemployment here on my blog.

    I may be entitled to have solved ALL Critical Theory by a suggested solution to A. Hitler's way to power and Nazi-Germany as read about in history books.

    So I do this NOW! (And by this contribution, I'm awarded quite a bit of honour in European history of thinking!) Thanks for the attention.

    I remind people of the awful (European) shame that's implied by failure to act in this context. Much with Sir Neville Chamberlain and his successor, WE NEED TO ACT WITH CLARITY OF LEADERSHIP AND BROADLY, much like in the early days of Labour movement, i.e., the need for mobilisation of the military to equip the people toward Human Rights, universally, for being able to present character to other countries as well.

    Other: I may d*mn well accept 100 % Un-employment if logcis fail to take hold/get to the relevant heads!

  5. Moving the society into action for getting all people equipped toward Human Rights (expressed as Universal Agenda by UN, given the UDHR), we have 3 options:

    1. Getting the army mobilised directly, securing the equipment to the population.

    2. Using the Labour and Employer organisations in shoving the army into action by mass-shutdown of production, giving the national assembly the order to get it done, using the army or not, in "war"-general sense, all people into the mix.

    3. Labour and Employer again, but this time by mass-demonstrations and mass-"bombardment" to the Internet message groups, email lists, all and all, leading to the same result as above.

    Equipment: yes, minimally 1 pistol/revolver per home, + optional non-lethal weapons, 2 or 1 only, pepperspray or tazer.

    This text is implying a further general availability to the people for rifles, shotguns, combi-rifles, revolvers, pistols, peppersprays, tazers and stun-guns by weapons/sports shops.

  6. The Question of Personal Weapon and Personal Security - UDHR Article 3

    There's a question to NRA (National Rifles Association) if they are supporting the World in acquiring weapons for all, making it law or making it a Right in their nation...

    I expect them to give an affirmative and that they are therefore in-line with the State Department. I want to write this as a heads-up for UN and most/all other nations in expecting a given behaviour from USA in aftermath of "Financial Radicalism" charges to Nazi-Germany, in making their efforts to improve the World, also in terms of humanism/human rights/humanistic progress.

    So it goes:
    * U. S. (American) State Department gives its public statement for the normative personal weapons rights to everywhere in the World
    * So does the NRA.
    * So does the UN.
    * And Pentagon plays with it, displaying the use of the personal weapon.

    This is inline with the sales, Worldwide, of the non-lethal weapons. That USA owes us, outside its nation, these efforts, until we too have achieved it, as far as possible.

    In short, I WANT/RECOMMEND MUCH CAMPAIGNING for all and everywhere, having suggested the (mobilised) army to take part, over a 14 days period. Remember that this is about the decent family life for everyone. If not decent families, then life everywhere maybe broken DOWN!

    Note: That to mention the (central) Article 3 of the UDHR doesn't necessarily entail only one article. No, the consequences are thought to influence, critically or not, many/all the others. , note on singular vs. text above. .

    This also connects with explanations of universal duties from and to one-another and in being human one-self and bringing this humanity to others as well, from old, "making other people able to _hold_ the Bible" themselves too"! .

    Universal value - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Please, remember the important Universality Principle of Ethics.

  7. The Case for USA above Europe and Everywhere Else

    1. Industry production (by reliability also) is high in USA, entailing healthy, functional people with beliefs in their society.

    2. I understand the corrupt minds very well and how the guilt from failure to duties abroad influxes into USA on the "macro-scale".

    3. USA has now carried out a large social welfare reform gently moved in, to remove much contradiction inside its nation in terms of Human Rights. Importantly too, the legal system ... allowing the citizens autonomy and initiative to react to deeply upsetting criminial scenes in the public and not in particular fear either to tip the police.

    Sub-point: Insecurity to neighbour... dire consequences.

    To cut the usual "smile of idiocy" from European thinking, that the Universality Principle of Ethics as safety-webbing is easily DESTROYED if one sits there trying to say that the Principle and Insecurity to the neighbour (with a possible disposition of acceptance by torture to the neighbour) by refusing to accept the personal weapons (max. 5?) and non-lethal weapons to ALL, denying these bloated psychiatrists these aloof statements over sanity as THEY have allowed "vampires to walk in broad daylight", like "educated torturers" and serial-killers, 10 or more!

    The academic usual at the end: Instantly, I submit to the Objectivity and more powerful arguments if they exist as well as the best data-sets to these (academic) matters of political science/legal forensics.

    Text is not entirely finished!

  8. The court issues: theology and psychiatry are traditionally alike banned from the courts in terms of presenting Legal Objectivity. They are only, especially psychiatry now, allowed to enter for testifying as experts to a given (narrow) aspect.

    In addition, legal blindness is the Cardinal Sin that condemns either of the acting parties of the court, including the judge. (The judge is continuously under the duty to not become legally blind, i.e., corrupt or "insane".)

  9. Two "missing" sentences above:
    3. Importantly too, their legal system has higher standing in terms of crime, allowing the citizens autonomy and initiative to react to deeply upsetting criminial scenes in the public and not in particular fear either to tip the police and for deeper intuitions of decency, dignity and human worth (than in Europe, elsewhere, hence the "necessity" of "meatshops", crime you can't talk about, the "necessity" of torture, etc.).

    Sub-point ("reiteration"): Insecurity (by physical insecurity, "a door open") as insistence to the neighbour, universally, can have dire, negative consequences.

  10. Corruption analysis - given the fact that the population lacks (personal) weapons, also the non-lethal, the lack of legal system journalism/crime journalism (CNN does in fact have a "Justice"-section under its U.S. edition) and use of threats against the population to extended degrees, widely and deeply. Then the subconscious aspects by this, assessed by non-carnivore-psychologists, the ethical assessments to how much mental burden this implies.

    Let us say that the lawyers'/barristers' is "governing" prior to this analysis of corruption in the World as premise. We get:

    1. Lawyers/barristers (repr. The Lawyers Association, see special English name)
    - who are:
    the lawyers/barristers
    judges (also the divide between former police-lawyers vs. the barristers/(U.S.) lawyers of finances/banking)

    2. The police (w/ the police lawyers)
    - who are:
    The police (3 years or less of college education)
    The prison guards, the prison authorities (same)
    The customs (same)
    Scotland Yard/FBI/Equivalent
    The internal affairs/Special affairs for police corruption/misconduct
    The finances authorities
    The credit exchange authorities
    The data-information authorities
    Postal- and tele-communication authorities

    3. The military - parts or much people, unknown

    4. The physicians association - parts or much people, unknown

    Legal blindness defined: in the courts, psychiatrists/psychologists and theologians, please, make the confirmation with history books (for yourself to be convinced, straight), are not to make any particular judgment on matters of right and wrong, legally. They are held outside entirely, down to being ordinary people for this aspect. So the truth is that "legal blindness" has its own special standing in the courts for making the correct ruling, the dutiful parties, first and foremost, judge and two lawyers/barristers. Psychiatrists/psychologists and theologians are only called in for expert statements/assessments/verdicts and that this is told to you given very special considerations over "power in the courts" for the benefit of the entire population it serves.

    So when this is being read, this must be considered to relate to a special type of autocracy-/despotism-rule that results from POWER-FIXATED (first and foremost in physical sense - brutal violence, torture, weapons, threats, everything) people who act in what most people name a democracy, given the media reports "of shining weather and happy faces"!

    So for the two dots in history, span or not, given the pan-out, you can figure out the very time-relation yourself, the French state-terrorism and the rise of A. Hitler to POWER!

    Note that Europe has no particular weapons history for the weapons in its general population after the swords and spears have been put on the heap. Especially for Germany, this must present itself absolutely... serious? That they have special incentives for acting unless utter shame? Thus, I may be correct, right?

  11. While we're waiting to stand up _by_ the gun, here's the "Under the gun" by The Sisters of Mercy as inspiration. - "To fire at will...!"

    All political attempts man_dated for as appropriate!

    One version: - Ehh, good blood?

  12. Regarding Elie Wiezel, all respects, in Aftenposten, 2014-01-27, also being of North European descent through several hundred years (esp. 1900 – 1946 and Nuremberg), I’ll choose instead the more factual route for now by “USA Theory”, so to speak, computer-simulating (by USA data-set, inviting both mathematicians, Applied Mathematics and Wolfram, the program) a possible other destiny for our uneducated Hitler, setting necessary Kripke lines by 1925 and 1933 up to 1939.

    (Holding of course on to two others, the non-lethal weapons and the neuro-meters, unsettling to read L. Ron Hubbard’s “0 – 8 The Basics” and the Ethics tone scale!)

  13. By my investigations into the corrupt minds:
    The main sentiment for "Weapons to the Population" is that it is easier "to take a bullet" than to endure (threats of) torture!
    Implicitly then, by these weapons, the instances of torture are (significantly) reduced!
    This is inline with Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International in "Stopping the torture"!

    Mind you also how torture plays a bigger part in both generating widespread mental burdens by only one instance and how torture "helps" generating the corrupt minds, also in being a significant threat (to family life).

    The "Hitler Direction" is the direct, overhanging threat to the World yesterday, today, tomorrow and until we have finished it off by its existence!

  14. Over the Perfect Employment in the World and the Story of Hitler (more...)

    By S5 modality logics, one CORRUPT decision leads to "5 others", necessarily the monster arises...! (In God's name...)

    Here on the Blog, these together:
    What is Written...: Against Unemployment
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