Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Psychologists' Insistence on Social Scheming and Murder (of Old)!

One voice says, telepathic or not, to its followers, that former pres. "de Gaulle" [a name relevant to France in this matter] is to die inside the next 10 years.

The psychologists follow up with the usual "gaming" of carnivore nature, vowing and displaying "much feelings", drama!

Then the former pres. of France actually dies within the next 10 years, but nobody can say whether it has occured naturally or whether it has been a murder, the circumstances are indeed obscured.

Not only this, but some time after, another "head in the clouds" take on the blame for what he says is murder and that he now holds this great man's murder in his soul, that he is THIS BIG!

Now what does this mean, that if I say it's my nature to kill people and to present myself as an insult to the public at the same time, what is the significance of this?

And as this must be said to be self-confirming prophesis, then what? Aren't they insults all in all if they are to say this in FULL seriousness, in full academic honesty?

What if one is managing to present another case "on the other side", that people are by and large law-abiding, what is the meaning of this to the above?

And finally, why do we then have something that we call "the legal system" and consider this to be a brand-mark of civilisation, the meter we measure civilisation by?

So I just keep questioning these "carnivore-notions of old fashioned psychology"! Let's see where this goes! Cheers!

PS: Unnecessary to say perhaps that this places it with the demanded, of mine at least, Quality Revision of Psychology incl. the Erich Fromm dispositions and fascinations with diseases and the Scientism-Scientists debate against Resp.towardMysteries-Scientists, ethics in hand, soundly!

PS2: You may add some hidden assumptions by the police, the tacit "hate-management" assumptions of the old tradition, the "material" presented and the mSomatism of mine, relating to the cognition of right from wrong in describing Schizophrenia, a not-yet-dead-concept, to say it mildly!

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