Sunday, 2 December 2012

"Echelon" (by CIA) against the World Population Forever NO MORE!!!

It's of my opinion under former accusations of USA by "Hindenburg-New York-USA" that USA shall for all time further be (explicitly) prevented from executing such surveillance schemes as "Echelon" as they are now shown to be NO MORE than any other nation! This excludes charges going on against any nation by the International Criminal Court of the Hague and similar charges in any *national* court. (Sharp note (also formerly to IRAN here on Facebook): Perhaps the World should use more "political attempts" against blatant wrongdoing by USA (and Canada)!)

Note that USA also "chains"/holds Facebook (Communication), Google (Search), Gmail (Email), Microsoft/Apple (Operating System), Intel/AMD/formerly IBM (Processors) and other (fx. Accenture)! Beware!

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  1. This also relates to the /direct/ subversion of High Value People (HVP) outside USA (and Canada)!