Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to Inflate a Currency Value - The Three Kings (Or How to Screw Your Country...)

The Three Kings:
1. Sell your currency beyond ability and thus to generate bonds to other currencies and by the expansion of existing "currency in markets", inflation happens! This is the hidden trick of the Central Bank's Board or Boss!

2. To overload the Goverment's expenses, to increase the public expenses so as to make inflation happen.

3. To set a general interest rate from the Federal Reserve or Central Banks extremely low. Again, inflation to happen!

Now, where's Greenspan?

Note: a matter of informing the public!
Note2: also correcting a wrong URL saying "deflation" of  18:32:00 CET.


  1. Deflation, most popularly connected with Japan recently (the last 2 or so decades).

  2. As much as the slogan "Automatic for the people" in removing robot jobs from people to robots/automated jobs machines, then also ""Greenspanism"/"Low interest"/"Pro-Active Investment Rates" /for/ the people!" Thus Greenspan is an /excellent/ man! "Hurray!"