Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Removal of the Haunting Ghost of "The Trial" by Franz Kafka

Killing the haunting ghost of "The Trial".
There are some very important concepts in English and for this purpose only we name them:
"Legal Process", that contact with a court has been established or that a lawyer has been approached with a description of the problem at hand.
"Litigation" is a very satisfying concept in that it allows one to "air" concerns about a certain issue and start talking about it with the aim of reaching a more formal process later, "the legal process".

Thus, the poisonous edge of "The Trial" has been done away with. The Ghost is laid to rest?

I hope you like it (and are helped by it too)! Life is more than hard enough either way!


  1. One should remember that "The Trial" contains very little litigation, that is, talking about his struggle for getting to the courts and achieve victory there, that Josef K. says very little to other people.
    As a matter of fact, he seems to be almost without connections, whether this is a stylistic trick from the author, Franz Kafka, or not. You should remember all this as you read "The Trial". Cheers!
    PS: The distinction between "trial" in common language and "legal trial" in legal language is also absent with Franz Kafka!

  2. About the book, "The Trial" More

    The dialogue with relatives and other people close to Josef K. is largely missing.

    The lack of religious devotion by Josef K. is also suspicious given the time of writing.

    Even further, Josef K., starts out as a possibly corrupt employee in a bank!


    Note: The reading of advanced linguists is still recommended: Ricoeur, Kierkegaard, scholarly experts of rhetoric...

  3. There is some additional "land". Such as what this corruption may be from the bank. There is a kind of banker's possibility of "seeing" money as black and White, insisting on a certain amount of crime-money being Black. This CAN CAUSE lunacy. And we think that Josef K. may have died from this lunacy either by proximity to a dubious bank and colleagues or himself being "King" of Crime. Well, well,...