Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Implausible Slippery Slope Argument - Applied Ethics

The implausible slippery slope argument from the opposition is this,

- the "Slippery Slope" defeats itself (by fake ethics) by protecting hugely crazy people who have absolutely no problems accepting the devastation brought by it on human dignity and human worth/decency and how torture inflicts terror and deep fears, even sublimely, on the rest of the population.

- secondly, and more directly, the Slippery Slope never accounts for formal qualification, while citing this Nazi program "so seriously", "as if their whole bodies would be immersed", such as obtaining 3-year therapy after the age of 18 before getting the approval for suicide!

- "The Slippery Slope", in addition, has no concept or credible prediction for how many people Slippery Slope will affect outside those already, virtually, queued in! When 36 000 people die from guns (or gun deaths) in USA every year, would the rest of USA therefore get killed by guns next year? NO! Why is this? Because troubles need to obtain in certain ways first! This has a direct analogy to legislated suicides in that this counters the very Slippery Slope argument and the way these disgusting people (complex, as with traits of psychopathy and mis-a/-ophiles) remain active in society, "defending humanity" still! There is no doubt where I want: (Assisted) Suicides need legal defence/legislation and practice urgently so that people can achieve greater respect and have the possibility to escape the great horrors of the World today, thus moving the World up one step in terms of dignity and worth.

Note1: As people enter the academic discussion, they inherently commit to honesty!

Note2: They can call themselves doctors or whatever! They have been defeated! (That is, they're not "born" with credibility.)

Note3: (here) by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 at 02:45 CEST as note to Facebook.

End note: The opposition is getting ripe for utter defeat and I hope you bother to make it clear by making the defeat more firm the next few months and years to come!


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  2. Note on my former efforts Pro-Suicide-Legislation by "Pro and Con Arguments of (Assisted) Suicide" under "Issues from the Internet", mostly a reference and "proper respect" ("rotten" or not now) to where I've written on the Internet, forum.philosophynow.org and PhilosophyForums on .com! Good?