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Legal Dispute over the Song, "Christian Woman", is Hereby Declared

Finally - Christian Woman Proper - A Song Made Righteous Again After Illegal Circumstances

by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 at 10:31

Music - Christian Woman

A segment by complexity)
Voice: Forgive her for her pointy ends because life is hard... ("ends" as of sentences, sharp remarks of discipline toward seriousness of reality incl. danger)
A cross upon her bedroom wall
From grace she will rise
An image burning in her mind
And between her /wise/ (of wisdom, you f*cking retards!!!) Voice: IN the scope, fire at will!!!
(voice: or highs)
A dying God-man full of pain (in vain/ sane?)
When will you appear again? (Voice: my beloved father? As in the spiritual world and being "with" me as Obi Wan-Kenobi to Luke Skywalker)
To serve or please (Voice: Servo or volley?)
SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE (and perhaps not the below)
(Only alt.: Before you ask me to serve or please)
On your back or knees (voice: by all your cheers/wise)
There's no forgiveness for his sins
Prefers pleasure? (Probing question?) (Voice: Man to punishment?)
Would you suffer eternally
Or internally? (Voice: Of mental pain...(Yes... for standing up for something, i.e., character and for Heaven/God)
For her vast... or want...
For his sins
He'll burn in hell
Her soul done medium, well... (Voice: and his roasting in hell!!!)
All through mass! (Subtle voice: Man... (actually being the priest) Adoration!
(Alt. or on 2nd: All through mass! (Subtle voice: Man... (actually being the priest, but...(smile)) Stimulation! (voice: 100 kgs to your taste?) (And careful approach because of Stimulation and Salvation, but solved by Man (as Priest) in transition to...))


Body of Christ
She needs
The body of Christ
Corpus Christi
Body of Christ

B segment)
To Love God
She'd like to know God
Ooh love God
(She can... (as non-objectified, Christian woman)) Feel her God
Inside of her
Deep inside of her

C segment)
Jesus Christ Looks Like Me
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ looks like me
(Voice: Christian woman)


By Terje Lea, 1988/2012! Now, LFO-L! Also ARRANGEMENT!!! Location: (to my knowledge), various places in Norway!!!

Newest: time: 05:02, date: 2012/06/20 CEST.

Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea Now looking almost perfect or directly perfect, I think, according to original design!!!
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea Because of suspicions that somebody has changed this text, I paste it here, now:
20 June at 05:03

Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea And now, finally, with "appear" this should now be perfect...!
20 June at 05:04

Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea Voice: Forgive her for her pointy ends because life is hard... ("ends" as of sentences) as a matter for seriousness toward reality or discipline toward safer life or whatever... Text has been changed by Facebook management?
20 June at 05:05

Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea No, not perfect until: All through mass! (Subtle voice: Man... (actually being the priest, but...(smile)) Stimulation! (voice: 100 kgs to your taste?) (And careful approach because of Stimulation and Salvation, but solved by Man (as Priest) in transition to...)
21 June at 01:06

Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea Now, it is an honour for me to present... Christian Woman by ... (not me, I'm not a singer)!!!
21 June at 01:07

Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea A change more: SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE (and perhaps not the below)
(Only alt.: Before you ask me to serve or please)
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea By priest Finn Marthinsen, now​no/​Representanter-og-komiteer/​Representantene/​Representantfordeling/​Representant/​?perid=FKM&tab=Biography !

Biografi: Marthinsen, Finn Kristian
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea Yrke
Feltprest Heistadmoen 1974-1975
Sjømannsprest London 1975-1976
_Sokneprest Lista 1976-1988_!
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea No, he can't be the one... Let's see...
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea But still "taking part" with "Informasjonskurs ved Forsvarets Høgskole 1998" in hand...
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea ‎"Trener Guttelaget i fotball, Farsund Idrettslag 1987
Medlem Styret i Nordisk Blåbands og Blåkorsråd 1988-1991, sekretær/kasserer 1991-1997
Generalsekretær Blå Kors i Norge 1988-1997"
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea Well, well, despite all, I believe the prist in question is Finn Kristian Marthinsen...
...stepping in or something...
Doing sermons with Inge Joa, the psychiatrist, in the room behind the alter, "listening"...
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea
For Christian Woman (now with Voice: Christian Woman at the bottom): I am/we are wondering about doing a light vocals and a dark vocals version of Christian Woman (even though only a dark voice/dark version has been requested formerly by th...​See more
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea
I'll now adjust the year of production to 1991 as opposed to the year of publishing. It's also a fact that I think it's reasonable to assume that for the original text, their text, the dividends stand at 70 for me, 30 for them, artistry, 50...See more
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea I'm sorry for being a bit quick on the other religions, just in case they are unwilling to accept "some metaphor of Jesus". So, I have these suggestion as amends: Corpus Christi - > Corpus Dei, and Jesus -> Sanctity. At first some of these may not look theologically good, but I mean respect and they only come on a "strongly wanted"-basis! Alright? I hope you can enjoy this still! Cheers!
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea I've checked on the word adoration and I find nothing wrong with it. So, it is better in relating to the next word "Salvation", thus only "adoration" or a combination of "adoration" and "stimulation" as before. Good? (Changes have been made above on the note.)
Saturday at 19:21

Note: First written to Facebook as note above by Note!


  1. There are also some weird references to people involved like "Joe A" as in Inge Joa or something and "Minister of Death" for a former priest from that place! We'll see!

  2. With the Christian Woman, the recording may have been (partially?) taking place with a military facility somewhere near Oslo, but in a bunder like place. And with Oyvind Helgesen, with a background for working as a social worker in Farsund "Kommune", for "investigating" a special case, he is known to ask for the money to be transferred to "Kripos", so the special crime unit has itself become a crime scene of settting up "reward-money" for special (read: deeply corrupt) police officers (like fx. Kjell Eide or the Niner-Club), _allegedly_!!! Well, well, all of Norway looks reversed, with Half-Slobo sitting at the Helm, the Prime Minister's Office! (Cheers.)

    Kripos (Special Crime Unit of the Police Forces):​kontakt_oss/kontakt_kripos/ .
    Telefon: +47 23208000 Telefaks: +47 23208880 Besøksadresse: Brynsalléen 6, 0667

    Økokrim (Special Crime Unit for Financial Fraud, traditionally organised _under_ the KRIPOS, _Kri_minal-_Po_litiets-_S_​entral):​kontakt_oss/​kontakt_okokrim/ .

    So you can now, as a foreigner, supposedly, consider the whole works of banking to be fixed involving everything from "paper money", "receipts", "special financial records", and official records, the treasury, the whole thing, everything, (even special "float accounts", float is a special term in banking). So here you have it: FRAUD, potentially, everything, every authority included!!!

  3. There are more notions written to the Facebook profile of mine, Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea: such as the (alternative use of "adoration" and all the other religious versions to Christian Woman, such Jewish Woman, Muslim Woman, Buddhist Woman and "negotiated" by Corpus Dei (as in Deity's image in one way or another, also as Deity's way of living for the believer) instead of Corpus Christi that is specific for Christianity only. There are also notions of "light version by light vocals" and the usual "dark version by dark/bass (as in the Three Tenors) vocals"!

  4. Either way, on Facebook the song is now more or less complete!

  5. Servo or volley are two firing principles that lead directly to "salvo" of salvation... (And so on... ;-) )

  6. Extra comment to the Christian/Ecumenical song of "Christian Woman" (Jewish Woman, Corpus Dei etc.): "Life is hard" squared by "Will you appear again?", imagining a father ("ode to father, forever, as advanced perspective, i.e., from this point in time as father has passed away, that always stays as this specific point in time") who has passed away, stating by implication "Life is hard", 2nd instance.
    When song is made "squared Christian Woman", this makes for following:

    Two squared boxes with a profound question: which goes on the outside, "life is hard" or "Christian Man/Woman" (as couple)?

    Which is parallel (hence a subtle reference to Dualism) to:
    Her soul done medium, well... (Voice: and his roasting in hell!!!) which is a reflection of souls in the World in general, the consideration of "Problem of Evil" by 3.

    (Norway hasn't made the life easy for me and that this has caused me this delay of (public) message in promoting song and contribution to Christian life.)

    Under the criminal practice of the Washington DC, USA, Embassy from Norway, they have also arranged for other "dube" like KISS, with Blitz-SS and Kids In Satan's Service. Note! Also, by this, I have moral HIGH GROUND!!!

    If not Moral Lordship *smile* x3.

    By this, my "B-52 BOMBING" (RAM-MING) of Norway is close to its end. The nation utterly defeated/disclosed in every way! (Over the state-crimes!)

    Also provoked into "life" by the a**-practice of "Advokatforeningen" (EN:Bar Association of Norway).

  7. Let me tell you about this song!

    First, I was inspired by a mass by the Pope at that time in a newly refurbished cathedral, the Cathedral of Strasbourg (France). The mass was televised by State-owned TV, NRK. And the Pope had this distinct way of saying Corpus Christi. This set off the efforts.

    Then I came to talk briefly with some Christian girls and they seemed entirely devoted. This made the next step. I could surely "make it for them" as well as my younger sister and my mother. I was convinced they really _needed_ Christianity and then Corpus Christi with that distinct latin way of speech.

    So I came to think of Salvation and with this in mind I also came across the firing principles of weapons, servo and volley, with the 2 letters of s and v fitting in with _s_al_v_ation!

    So it became "Ode to Christian Woman" with working title "1 year" by the fact that I estimated one year to finish it. So you see, music can be a lot of mental work. Another theme was added "guns and roses" where guns are commonly known to defend people and in defending people, you also defend people's faith. This got me fired up, despite the "little" .22 caliber rifle my father owned.

    Then the whole thing started to fall into place, a rocked song, bass (dark) vocals, guitars, heavy drums as in steadfast thundering of WWII artilleries and what have you.

    So the segments "of complexity by words" A, B and C are then formed as in a fire of a volley gun (any "gatling cannon", AH-64 Apache/F16 Fighting Falcon etc) with more bullets at A segment then less on B and finally the last bullets on C, "revolving"!

    Largely, this is it, right from a colourful, golden cathedral with the Pope of Christianity doing the mass around Christmas/New Year.


    (The song was supposed to be delivered at Lista "Ungdomsskole"/Junior High School, but "lots of things" ensued!)

  8. Pope Saint John Paul II held the mass of "Corpus Christi"! When? Let me guess: 1989 or 1990 or 1991 (or even 1988, but unlikely).

  9. As I can recall Type O' Negative actually came to Norway in getting and do some rehearsing for the song. Their contact may have been Tone Hapnes, a medical doctor from Rogaland, Norway.

  10. From under Soul-Nigger-Norway, Whoreway, the corruption, here is:

    Every Breath You Take - the song (Artist: The Police)

    The White and Black Side together in a song (right from the writing desk)

    The White Side:
    Being the Watchman of your family, "longing for the embrace of your loved ones"

    The Black Side:
    Watching you... Hunting perverts as hazards to your life, warning of such. "Don't perpetrate on families!"
    Bury them down in your garden, wearing the souls of them, their souls embracing you, "as much as fur of bear".
    It is said that "one's soul is marked by the people you kill", a story from a soldier tells and thus the souls' embrace can be "soul read" as in soul-reading of you (who have achieved it).
    (The soul's marked of killings - maybe from a movie, can't recall. Soldier Blue?)

    The Police - Every Breath You Take: