Saturday, 9 June 2012

Corroboration of Support to Tarski on Defeating the Two Incompleteness Theorems

On Finitism: To suggest that Finitism defeats my notion of completeness contrary to Godel and his Incompleteness Theorems is implausible because to merely take the cardinal numbers and say that they are infinite and therefore incomplete logically, becomes untenable because a line has infinite points (by Zeno, half of half of half) or the same with the circle or the sphere within a circle where I do indeed put all the cardinal numbers (Cantor numbers) all the way to infinite, the symbol is ∞. This makes my support to Tarski and the defeat of Godel and the two theorems COMPLETE! Godel is by this utterly defeated in this, with respect of course, myself standing on the shoulders of giants! Cheers!

Skolem distrusted the completed infinite and was one of the founders of finitism in mathematics. Skolem (1923) -​wiki/​Thoralf_Skolem#Completeness !
Url,​wiki/Kurt_G%C3%B6del !
Url,​wiki/Finitism !

Note: This relates in particular to "Logics [subject matter], Opinions on Gödel's Theorems of Incompleteness and Possibly Tarski" under "Philosophical Notes".

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