Friday, 22 June 2012

The Launch of Air as Shoe-Brand for Carrying the Air-Sole Patent

This is the proposal (also under copyright) that one establish the Air shoe brand and that loosely, this picture as brand is to be used for it, in order to use the Air patent sole in case Adidas and Reebok don't get in gear for making them (Nike subversion or not, 500 police-people in New York or not)! Anybody is hereby granted the possibility for setting up the brand as long as credibility and financial start package "come into place"! Good?

At the time, the Police have been from Norway!



  1. The very Air brand itself needs to be adjusted a little so that A contains wholly IR between the legs of the A, either raising the bar on the A or extending the legs of the A or increasing the size of the A. You know where I'm going! Cheers!

  2. Just in case Nike claims dispute I DO HAVE MEMORY TOO and that they need to comply with International Business Behaviour regulating violations of law and copyright and other rights in general, staying respectful toward the competing parties (of intelligence)!

  3. I have my BIG references here, among them, the 3 very phone calls to these 3 factories, USA, Germany and England (or Wales) by Reebok just in case I "landed" in Scotland!

  4. By the way, the phone number used at the time as now, has been 383 94084 and code 47 for Norway!

  5. Just in case of the funds, you have the legal entity of "withholding money for person" by "legal fund" and I hope "you understand"... ;-)

  6. With the Christian Woman, the recording may have been (partially?) taking place with a military facility somewhere near Oslo, but in a bunder like place. And with Oyvind Helgesen, with a background for working as a social worker in Farsund "Kommune", for "investigating" a special case, he is known to ask for the money to be transferred to "Kripos", so the special crime unit has itself become a crime scene of settting up "reward-money" for special (read: deeply corrupt) police officers (like fx. Kjell Eide or the Niner-Club), _allegedly_!!! Well, well, all of Norway looks reversed, with Half-Slobo sitting at the Helm, the Prime Minister's Office! (Cheers.)

    Kripos (Special Crime Unit of the Police Forces):​kontakt_oss/kontakt_kripos/ .
    Telefon: +47 23208000 Telefaks: +47 23208880 Besøksadresse: Brynsalléen 6, 0667

    Økokrim (Special Crime Unit for Financial Fraud, traditionally organised _under_ the KRIPOS, _Kri_minal-_Po_litiets-_S_​entral):​kontakt_oss/​kontakt_okokrim/ .

    So you can now, as a foreigner, supposedly, consider the whole works of banking to be fixed involving everything from "paper money", "receipts", "special financial records", and official records, the treasury, the whole thing, everything, (even special "float accounts", float is a special term in banking). So here you have it: FRAUD, potentially, everything, every authority included!!!