Monday, 9 July 2012

The Free Air-Industry - Patents and Production Process

Considering the air industry and certain expensive patents connected to air-plane production I find that we have now agree upon, the whole air industry, China, Russia, Brazil, USA, France and others, that the planes can be produced by side-placed factory lines, robotically tracked (partially manual proxy) to "feeding" the plane assembly line with (manuf.) sections, also using these special vehicles for this, by 2-tier placement actuation, first one crude then finer tuning-knob. Not only this, by we find that "the strong French insistence on wires can be side-stepped and that bolts for the sections are sufficient for air-plane security! Not only this, but "suspending sections in air by wires" can be side-stepped as well!
The overall target is of course to "admit the alphabet" to people and nations so that not every idea is shot at in this or that manner! And that the production of air-planes that is really the enterprise of entire 7 Bn and not only Airbus and Boing! I hope you enjoy this and that we get to see a happier World, symmetrical with planes "in hand", noting the general statement from the industry meeting in Brazil a while ago, always flying high!!! Good?
The point is of course that the robot side-feed vehicle tracks can be temporarily covered with special sections covers so as to allow the planes to roll over as soon as they are completely assembled! Good again?


  1. This may come "through" as most pleasing to some!

  2. Extra comment for allowing the messages to "fly" (again).

  3. And as we go, when Russia enters the football club of Chelsea so easily, why not for Fokker, under the shadow of Airbus, and ambitions with it, to suggest to Tupolev "intentions for exchange of experiences program" agreement (as a beginning to something bigger) or a type of connection for "looking into matters" for mutual growth as loose agreement toward deeper contact on several levels!