Friday, 3 June 2016

Comparison of USA and EU-28 by Legal Systems - Comments

This is the effort to describe a given elephant in the European legal room by comparing the legal systems of USA and EU. It's an assumption that Norway doesn't differ much from that of Germany or France or other (developed nation). By this effort I cherry-pick certain stats, always in pairs, from Eurostat (EU-28) and FBI (USA). All of this relates to crime and the influence of crime to suicide rates among else.

The comments will show that I favour the character and traits of USA in defending the dignity of the humans living there. USA has an important advantage by the 2nd Amendment that ensures a real defence of people who have the pistol or revolver. Even in face of crime, the pistol or revolver secures a fairly painless and quick death or an injury that's fairly clean, i.e., the bullet penetrates in a straight manner often creating a mere flesh wound. Even the fractured bones from gunshot wounds should be possible to heal given some time for this.

We have:
(I start with Norway as crime typical for Europe)
From there is 372 107 complaints filed to the police which is 72,8 complaints per 1000 inhabitants/Norwegians for 2014, newest numbers.
So we see that "respectable" Norway has a good deal of crime to handle. There's no Eden here.

Sources: - Various statistics for Europe, also crime. - Crime for USA. - Suicides for every country. - Complaints filed to the police in Norway. - Guns in the world, also those privately owned.

(This blog-posting is intended to develop and more will appear.)

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