Monday, 28 December 2015

Rich Countries and Poor Countries - A story over the wealth of nations

This is a story of the wealth of nations and that the potential for making a nation matched or aligned. I think there's a possible story of development to the nations that are poor today. Of course, systematic corruption plays a large or larger role in some countries while all countries in the World today are affected by corruption.

Three types of countries:

The matched country - this is the country that has symmetry over the sectors of the country. Such that one doesn't over-extend or under-extend one's nations finances. The primary sectors are cared for properly and technology is prudently applied in order to provide happiness and satisfaction to the population. This enables great levels of production, all the way from low-tech production to high-level production.

The top-heavy country - this type of country seeks power through technology and is typically a dictatorship where poverty strikes the workers of the primary sectors in order to seek technology and finance military capacities. One example: Soviet Union.

The bottom-heavy country - this type of country has large primary sectors and much corruption and entertains dictatorships as well. One example: North Korea.

Cases: Soviet Union, North Korea, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Russia,  -(others)

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