Monday, 3 October 2016

A combined Limited Free Trade and Protectionism - (Short) Progress Manifesto

In this instance "we, the people" really means something. Along with an Active State, setting the inflation rate by annual budget (deficit) and central bank interest rate for combatting unemployment and financial instability, that educates the economists working as bankers and investors, the rich people may not feel as necessary which is why they should pick up their duties as moral leaders as fast as possible or find themselves ousted from the business life.

Our targets by this are (virtually) full employment, stable politics, low crime rates and a solid Welfare State. By inviting the Labour Unions to support the business life, one creates the foundation for growth (although small growth in advanced economies, also depending on technology). This happens by Employer organisations to Employee organisations year to year in setting fair payments for employees who in turn see their prospects with the children in working for decency and shift up the social class/education, no particular levels of crime included here as fairness holds for all.

Then, the Limited Free Trade is to ensure Developing Countries their place in the future with all the traits of stable and prosperous leadership and business environment to name. The Protectionism is only in place until respect among the Developed and Developing Countries obtain, by each and every country themselves, the Developed countries being not conflict-free in tackling the dynamics of life and technology. The business agreement holds for each nation/regional cultural group by themselves, every nation/state included and then for these business agreements to negotiate fairness between themselves so that the World as a whole sees the rightful moral days/Utopia.

The whole thing is regulated by the business life as social group where the market is split up by agreement until something new and unexpected takes place whereto the business agreement has to "settle" again, possibly with new rich people among the insiders' group where agreement holds.

Bottom line: to the rich people, we want moral leadership or push you into exile!

(Yet more may be entered. The text is not as full as it should be.)


  1. Update: Bankers and investors alike have the duty to accommodate (virtually) full employment throughout the World by making this a business agreement and by Central Banks' Quantative Easing (QE) as every nation's strategy. That is, no nation is "happy" with any (substantial) unemployment.

  2. Subsumed under the text above: I'm with Elon Musk as he predicts Universal Basic Income for all as automation will do most work in the future.

    In the meanwhile, I'm just watching the revolution. It's definitely going to be an asset to be part of a group that does some kind of (creative) work in the future.

    Elon Musk here:

  3. However, people should, in the future, be able to think more freely about work and the group of people/company they choose to affiliate with.