Sunday, 2 June 2013

Coloristics is restored as science on par with linguistic science

First of all, when I write that "Coloristics is restored as science" per linguistic science, I intend to say: Coloristics is restored as science by the written description as account of (coloristics-) impression, much like telepathy, but that coloristics is much more personal and much more refined!!! Don't mess with it! I'm warning you!

You may want to check out:

Well, well, the net says this and that, but Coloristics has a peculiar history, one more successful (now) than fx. Craniology, ref. Philosophy of Science.

Ref. also, the impressions of the German flag, by the 3 colours, being one (prime) example!

To science-"freaks" of CERN: No, ISOLDE is no alchemy! Alpha-radiation? Anybody?


  1. First published to my profile on Facebook that only seems inactive. For you to check out.

    In the science map, Coloristics may be placed like this: Under psychology, under paranormal psychology and beside telepathy.

  2. The coloristics that may be restored as impression only is only a guide for impressions, one that never serves primary input of information, primarily the audio/video input, also feelings. This is the German flag notion and has no crucial relation to mSomatism as such!

    One should also note that "Coloristics" represent the best angle from literature to the impression for the 3/4 colours of the German Flag. Alright?

  3. Essentially, the above text has first been published on Facebook on Thursday, CEST.

  4. Mind you, as formerly on my blog, that "purity, innocence, (physical) health, mental health, medicine, justice, ethics, morality", all others, belong to the colour of white, under the yellow colour of the German flag.

  5. To coloristics, under the German Flag:

    I go to the (non-idiot) grave matters. - Black obtains.

    Swedish (Google Translator for correct translation, responsib.):
    "Jag går till allvaret!" - same colour.

  6. Given only the references of the German flag and the "worries" of the Royal House of United Kingdom amount to more than 147 million people alone, being more or less common references.