Friday, 7 June 2013

The Organisation of Buildings and Architecture + a little brewing...

The Architectural Planning of the World - City Development and More

Tip (for the Architects of Germany, fx.): much can be exploited and stream-lined (to reiterate an old idea): that some buildings are planned for "upgrade" for building complex-maintenance in terms of values and others for direct demolition. All of this can be stream-lined straight out from the Architects Association, allowing / "designating" the best architects for these projects way before the public ever get to see the real building to be built! Cool or what? Now that organisation and agreement take hold before the hype of (US-) Free Competition...!

Other note for Brewing, out of the casual:
Destillation-Beer-Brewing: Brewing one time as normal - "up", then brewing "down", boiling away the excess water from the beer, then "double-grade" beer with double-taste-contents. Also with the wines! Possibility for distilling the extracts in removing the excess water to preserve alcohol contents by "pour-back".
Brakspear to Budweiser to Munkholm (Alcohol-free) - Also Florida/USA "reduced" wines.

The brands are protected under Mövenpick Ice-Cream convention...

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