Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Formal Declaration as Victor over State of Norway

As a political victim and being persecuted by State of Norway, now and undeniably (subverting my relocation to some place abroad and other), I declare victory over State of Norway given my many achievements in the World of Intellectuality, forcing them backward to eventually saying "...but we have the physical forces to dominate your livelihood and to cause your death", depriving me of my natural life, effectively, confirming my status now as political dissident of Norway, being Pro-Democratic Activist!

This follows the given logic of this: victor, victor, victor, victor, finally victim and death, by torture or not, medically aided or not!!! Thus, history is likely to tell my story of being victor despite a possible death as victim, with or without being able to "escape" abroad!

There are hundreds of implications of this, all of which should have been embarrassing or deeply embarrassing to the State of Norway, but given this awful, political climate, such utterances have become impossible, displaying a evident idiot condition of a finally idiot nation that has lost all its values, all of its causes!!!

As I've now won the Intelligence war of the World, with many feats such as the historical account of "Hindenburg-New-York", I finally say too: I've won (again), idiots! Thus, of course, I can refer to the heading and the point of this text.

I'm sorry for presenting such an account for this nation and it has not been a part of my ideas and the leadership that I've wanted and for those sensitive enough, I place myself in disappointment and grief with them! Thanks for now!


  1. Just correcting the missing -r on "your"!

  2. I also hold a special right to name the pyramid of Las Vegas, "The Prediction Pyramid"!

  3. The lack of physical security has made me order The High Courts of Norway to lay aside my case (for now) until physical security has improved. Critically too, that my relocation is completed before resuming it!

    Part of the text:
    "Bare legg saken til side, er Dere greie.

    Forut for denne beslutning så har jeg gjentatt behov for økt personlig sikkerhet på flere måter, også ved beskjed til lokal politimester om innvilgelse av «begrenset politimyndighet», ref. politiloven, hvor denne loven anses av meg selv som relevant
    i hvert fall formelt, dvs. at myndighet innvilges uten spesielle implikasjoner annet enn at angrep på min person etter dette må tolkes rettslig som spesielt alvorlig.

    Denne beslutningen tas på grunnlag av manglende fysisk sikkerhet av egen person, også i dagliglivet, innkjøp av dagligvarer inkludert. Dette har medført /høyt/ stress og tilsvarende manglende evner til diverse, som nevnt, også i dagliglivet.
    Saken kan bare gjenopptas, i min øyne, når flyttingen til utlandet er gjennomført hvor flyttingen er et ledd i nettopp økt personlig sikkerhet (og et middel imot en type galskap, jfr. "monkey-biz", som "sport eller alvorlig galskap", dvs. av sorten forbundet til fiksering av mentale inntrykk av "energier").

    Takk for nå."

    Confirmed: The laws concerning "fair access to the courts" and "fair hearing" and the courts laws (NO: : Domstolloven )and laws of legal disagreement (NO: Lovdata: Tvisteloven), have for all the time my case has endured, been (to some extent) violated.

  4. Finally, the claim is that I have shot the middle line up through the mathematical tip point of the Washington Monument (by the White House) in providing perfect solutions toward Utopia and better future for all human kind.

    Now what? I don't know, but surely, the World knows its slow pace.

    Url, The Washington Monument: .

    (Norway has still Insect-Jens in Office, a meagre mentioning if you ask me and that history well to my laughing delights, whether I'm dead or alive at that point in time.)