Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Two Notes - One on Security and One on Greece (Again!)

One on Security - Protecting the Gate!

Possible patent for gate locks: the combination lock! How? One puts a finger-print reader in combination with the lock, requiring the opener to correctly enter both key and print validation, even though the print validation may not be explicit, slightly obscured from the one who seeks illegal entry. However, you can put in the iris-of-the-eye-validation procedure into place instead, even validating your "validation-lock-programming" of every object you like, whether they are eye, eye-ball-replica in your pocket or a part of a specific document you carry around! As with hacking, it should now become clear that the possible intruder is on the losing side of entering unnoticed!
The validation procedure is by this possibly also camouflaged by a little slide-hatch or something else...

One on Greece - Good Luck to Them!

Greece should remember that the public sector is to _enable_ the private sector and that man-power places itself according to own self-serving needs! This means there is NO VALID WHINING over public sector jobs and that the imperative for Greece reads "please, get to it!", though I empathise with the tough times the Greek people is going through. This point is of course only this: public sect. -> enable -> private sect.! Good?
I give the notice too that Greece must maintain a state where it can expand in terms of human standards over technology, competence and skills, all in all facilitating production of all, services and goods alike! This means no crippling beyond a certain level, but does this exist? And can this occur in advanced EU? I think not! No, by ordinary efforts out of the ordinary spectrum from the Bell curve, by "convention", I expect the Greek to come through this in flying colours and that "pointless bickering" must end!!!
There is no doubt however that /the/ desirable solution to the problems Greece is going through demands a high level of complexity!!! This is not entirely "easy", but then again the acceptable levels probably lie within the well-reachable bounds either way!!!

This text on Greece enters on top of this: I have sympathies to the utterance of Hollande given the economic concerns. That is, the fat Germany can't sit there and howl 3 percent rule and economic steel discipline when the other countries struggle like this! No, even if I consider the state-debt issues to be a bit short-sighted, I think that all the economic fac...tors need to be considered and that we need to consider "engineering"/"enterprise" Europe in more unified/holistic terms! Also, our peaceful assumptions of EU (vs. USA or not) have proven themselves and EU is now a political LAW and I find the Euro project, popular or not, protection from speculation-wise, important by this as well! There is only one way: to continue to improve the most weak parts of EU as EU continues to contribute to World stability and progress!

And most fundamental recommendation to arm _every_ home with a pistol so that /the/ respect for the divide between life and death can obtain, making the idiots, the imbeciles flee the scene and serious people can undertake the REAL work that needs to be completed!!!

Note: This has been written to Facebook some minutes ago.

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