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The 100% Society - A Matter of Political Science

The 100% Society - A Matter of Political Science" is this: In relation to the "100% Society", I think there are 2 major concerns. One is the justice system and how to achieve this society by what kind of regulation/laws. The other is how business is supposed to be organised everywhere in the world for people to be employed (<95, that is, maximally 5% unemployment) and for rewarding profit and utility to be made along with it. I'll deliberate more on this as the days pass by...

100% Society: the business plan... I'm coming back to this, but it should already be clear that this is about symmetry of both competence and industry between nations all over planet earth (and other potential places as well). So how to do it? I'll think about it... Symmetry in this sense is understood as competence and industry divided over the nation's citizens. You can't assume that Belgium is capable of setting up everything from complete aircraft factories to assembly lines for spacecrafts and satellites and building aircraft carriers in the same breath. Belgium has only 10,8 Mill. inhabitants and it can only do this much...

100% Society: I've already written about the Data Storage Directory on my blog that I think should be implemented as part of this idea. There should also be sufficient possibilities to defend oneself by guns, tazers and pepperspray canisters. I would also let the Police do the necessary surveillance by video cameras either by possible harddisk review from scenery or by actual monitoring and control. The 2 options are both good. This surveillance should cover the most used places, the places by most people-traffic. One should also allow private people do their own video-surveillance of private space and property including estate-entrance. The rest of the laws can basically remain as they are. Social justice: I think it's fair to allow people who "fall through" a kind of safety net, an arrangement of benefits for the newborn/kids, unemployed, the disabled and the retired. This should secure decency and stable society (without desperation). I've yet to consider the definite divide between a kind of private arrangement and public arrangement, but there should be no doubt that the 2 can go well together, with the private option being more rewarding than the public one, especially in the scope of retirement. This should be mostly it. The other laws can remain basically the same. By guns, I mean primarily the handguns (I favour the pistols). I see absolutely NO need for automatic weapons in private hands except as part of the home-guard, possibly, but not necessarily. Today there are storage places all over the country (Norway) for the home-guard and the army and sufficiently so for preventing any Police State/Dictatorship to take place. Also by handguns, I'm thinking of the 9mms or some thereof as it provides sufficient "stopping power". Important remark: I've not implied a single, tiny intrusion on people's privacy, classically speaking, i.e., within your private space, at the loos, at the private meeting where ever, every private place and property, and also not in all public buildings. You're right, of course, potentially, I see every little inch of public space, "under the blue sky", as surveilled, but only potentially. (By response to Impenitent on the PN forum.)

100% Society: Everybody knows there are hidden and tacit business routines around the world even if OPEC remains the most open, I've already asked for the syndication of all primary industry like aquaculture, fishing, agriculture, mining and all else. This is for the betterment of workers in these kinds of industry simply. We already know that most agriculture is very organised in the "Western" world to the point where we can't anymore claim those profits are given by competition, but rather the reasonable demand from the industry itself due to expenses of making the agriculture go around and for the workers to receive decent salary. We should admit this elegance to the rest of the world, obviously for the same betterment of living and opportunities that we enjoy ourselves or those next door. 100% Society further: This is not all, however, we need to start out projects that evaluate what kind of diversion of industry over this same kind of symmetry is needed in respect to cost and opportunity for abolishing unemployment. This can easily be socialised and effectuated by import barriers to make the desired level of price of product and for giving the "right" (social) message to the exporting country that its prices for this particular product is too low for this area to be (safely) sustainable most importantly in terms of employment! This SHOULD be accepted by the WTO given that the members begin to agree on this kind of agenda that makes the symmetry formula to the world the norm/normative! I would be HARD on this issue, making a ferocious campaign if necessary! Comment as precursor to the Idea of the 100% Society: I'll also write some on the "100% Society" in some time to come, both in response to Popper's political comment and to the much hated and paranoid Welles' "1984", according to myself. Much of "1984" is deeply unfounded, I think. And to be educated is also to seek rationality in others, thus this Police State regime is probably put away for ever. More later...

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 16.12.2010, 18.12.2010 and 20.12.2010.)
http://blog.t-lea.net/#post119 I now find that the idea of The 100% Society now has grown so big that it needs its own text. This will continue to grow until all compilation ´has taken place and the idea itself has been completely desribed! Special thanks go to other people who, like myself (now, according to my text on descriptive science as minimum) have strong views about the political science as science in line with engineering ideas and other and not something else!
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This is /the/ serious addition of mine to the (serious) contribution of Karl Popper to this field, on how society should be shaped and how it should look!
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Special thanks go to other people who, like myself (now, according to my text on descriptive science as minimum) have strong views about the political science as science in line with engineering ideas and other and not something else!
This is /the/ serious addition of mine to the (serious) contribution of Karl Popper to this field, on how society should be shaped and how it should look!


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  2. Addition, formerly posted elsewhere on this blog: A Straight Addition to 100% Society - Philosophy of Politics
    Dear Political Party, wherever in the World

    I'm looking through your website and I find some remarkable features of it.
    First: we in Europe found our politics through the Yearly Party
    Convention that's basically our cornerstone because programs or issues
    are voted upon here.
    Second: I've checked "The Issues" and this seems somewhat short from
    what one can gather from a common political program over here in
    Europe. You may simply check with this:
    standing at 5548 KB
    the ideological platform
    standing at 761 KB.
    Third: Not that I have much to say over it, but the Social Act is of
    course a deep concern with your political opponent, the Opposing Party.
    This should be monitored and ascertained to be at the minimum 51 %
    capture/preference voting rate with the voters. If you don't provide the
    same political credibility as your political party, many people I think,
    will brand you for this and vote for the The Other Party.

    1 thing then, make the issues downloadable both as ideological/principal
    program, but also toward a set period, like the current and next
    Presidential period, one for 2009 - 2012 (perhaps discardable) and one
    for 2013 - 2016!

    As a foreigner, I have nothing to do with YOUR politics, but I hope for
    a more systematic approach on how to shape the best and most wise
    politics of tomorrow so that your nation can still have the respectable
    standings then as now, if not better by far.
    So in the end, this email to you, if you bother, is to consider the
    European approach to political system and reliability (implicitly
    democracy) and I hope that you follow for the pure sake of the best
    interest toward your country. Today is a starch reality in many aspects
    and I think the World needs to work together to ensure a better future!

    Best wishes to you and your country!

    Yours sincerely,
    Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea

    Note: This letter then forms the basis of how politics is supposed to spread across the population and how the communication should happen to the public in this regard, along with "Please, take a serious interest in Politics now and join your favourite party, whatever this may be (even though your vote has greater chances with one of the big parties)!"

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  4. So under the "Issues from the Internet", under the header of "What are your philosophical positions?" you can now add on me, Philosophy of Law: Absolutist, Legislationist and Originalist. Just for the update.
    I see from the Jurisprudence article on Wikipedia, that people may want some words on Philosophy of Law from me. These are (rather quickly): 1. There should be no holes in a good system of legal practice/legislation system! 2. The laws are absolute and they can't be reasonably dodged. This point is supported by point 1.
    ‎3. (if nec.) The laws are complete and describe only objective circumstances (pertaining to HDM and quality of evidence) and most certainly only real life.
    ‎4. Legislation is on TOP. The courts are nr. 2 and the Police are nr. 3. There are various security concerns to this. I think the Police need clear rules/procedures as they do their work. I think the Judges only need to set a precedent if the Legislative Assembly (National Parliament) feigns its duties. So I want/hold a theory for a sharp and pro-active Legislative Body and "Judges only to the rescue", acting secondarily so to speak! Good?
    Just in case of interest, I find Antonin Scalia's Originalist position compatible with a "Legislationist" position. Thus I pay respect to forming laws "in the spirit of the Book of Laws (fx. Norges Lover)". Or when you sit there writing, that you are "in a spirit of the Law". This should be the beginning bricks for foundation! (Not having read a book, but generally (very) interested for a long time (I'm 35).
    Also take note on the meditative state for making laws. Legislation happens at most meditative state, down to the Judges (by the heat of the Trial and direct Justice down further to Police under fire, so to speak! Thus, this comes natural!
    You can get good lessons from Court TV (Nancy Grace) and various interviews from your or U.S. American Supreme Court Members by 60 Minutes. General media awareness isn't so bad either...
    Terje Lea I must add that Europe can do well with its own Courts reporting (by example of Nancy Grace) and Justice section on CNN U.S. American edition and a Situation Room type of Legal Practice reporting (in media where there is "interest"). I welcome a more aware and active Legal Practice reporting in Europe. Also in the Pan-European sense (to close some holes for these "U.S. Americans" if not the "Colombians"... :-D
    Monday, 21 November 2011
    Ved anmeldelse...
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 05:04:40
    Jeg kan legge til et par nyttige linker til Politiet til: https://www.politi.no/tjeneste​r/anmeld_et_forhold/ . Det kan være verdt å nevne at man burde ta med seg 3 formelle punkter som er nevnt under fx. anmeldelse av sykkel.
    Her er siden om hvordan man skal gå frem når man skal klage på Politiet:
    https://www.politi.no/tjeneste​r/klage_pa_politiet/ . Jeg har mistanke om at Politiet har skapet fullt av skjeletter så det er bare å gi de inn hvis man får sjansen! Husk også å få navnet [dvs. politioffiserens tjenestenummer] på den du leverer anmeldelsen til!
    Anmeldelse til Politiet - Råd...
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:58:48
    Jeg vil bare nevne følgende: når man henvender seg til Politiet så har man ALLTID rett til å levere anmeldelse! UANSETT! Det kan også være lurt å spørre/finne ut navnet på gjeldende polititjenesteperson. Det kan også være lurt å ta med seg en ferdig formulert anmeldelse når man har bedre anledning hvis det er mulig å gjøre det slik.

    Note: From the former blog at One.com being blog.t-lea.net.

  5. Så budskapet er dette: vær hard på Politiet! Og ikke vent med å bruke advokat hvis det synes å være det beste/rette.
    Det kan også lønne seg å være to stykker når man henvender seg til Politiet eller søke støtte per mob.tlf. Dere finner ut noe...
    Jeg har glemt å legge til at jeg synes halve problemet med kriminalitet er løst hvis man bare får REGISTRERT (hos Politiet) hva som er galt og dette er grunnen til at jeg er hissig på dette punktet! Man skal også huske på at det i ettertid kan lønne seg å se tilbake på en eventuell anmeldelse sammen med private notater (hvis man har noe sånt) og alt annet gjennom livet. Det er bare på denne måten man kan begynne (personlige) korrigerende tiltak på en situasjon man for all del VIL løse! Lykke til!
    Politiets representasjon på nettet...
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:52:16
    Jeg vil gjerne gi litt ros til dagens presentasjon på internett av Politiets nettsider: https://www.politi.no/ .
    Det er flere ting som gjør dette. Bl.a.: rapporteringen av kriminalstatistikk her: https://www.politi.no/strategi​er_og_analyser/statistikker_og​_analyser/ og disse relativt nye tipsene for opptreden i lys av kriminalitet, her: https://www.politi.no/rad_fra_​politiet/ . Her får man fine råd fra Politiet når det gjelder å unngå krim. og hva man skal gjøre hvis det skjer kriminalitet mot en selv (og som man forsåvidt kan gi andre tips om).
    Alt i alt så finner jeg at det er sjanser for å fortsatt være et menneske i det norske samfunnet, å være anstendig og at det gjelder å være hard på det å gå til advokat i tilfelle man synes eller finner at noe er galt (som ved prosedyre-/instruks-feil). Så mitt råd er å være (h*lvetes) skeptisk og være forberedt på det meste når man skal gjøre bruk av offentlige tjenester.
    I å være forberedt så mener jeg det at man tenker litt igjennom hva mennesker og samfunn er og at det å betrakte mennesker som dr*tt kan være greit inntil det er bevist at tjenestene har vært av noen/bra kvalitet, rett og slett at jobben er gjort!!!
    To English speaking people and the texts in Norwegian...
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:48:47
    To English speaking people, just in case you are interested, you can indeed use Google Translate that I've also advised you to do on Twitter. There are posts here that are mostly of Norwegian concern as I KNOW Norway inside-out! It's therefore presented in Norwegian only even if some of the writings are in English. Make yourself comfortable, please. Cheers!
    I may also have pointed this out earlier in relation to the blogs.
    Politiets status i samfunnet...
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:44:39
    Det er garantert slik at Politiet er DEN viktigste organisasjonen i samfunnet på den måten at de kontrollerer fysisk makt (med våpen og annet og i det sivile, ikke militær tilstand) og burde ha nok SYSTEM til både å beskytte seg selv og gjøre en skikkelig jobb! Halve politiets jobb er gjort bare REGISTRERINGSSYSTEMENE er tilstrekkelig effektive (at publikum kan forvente å bli tatt på alvor ved henvendelser til Politiet enten ved tips eller som offer/pårørende). Man kan for eksempel gi politistasjonene grundig videoovervåkning og andre sikkerhetssystemer slik at "objekter" (inkl. personer) som går inn og ut er både nøye kontrollert (trygt ut og inn) og identifisert i forhold til intensjon (f.x. politipatrulje på vei inn med arrestert person, person på vei inn som bruker av tjeneste med kanskje anmeldelse).
    Jeg finner derfor at Politiet har definitivt INGEN unnskyldning for å gjøre en dårlig jobb! Dette er ivhertfall min oppfatning delvis som reaksjon på denne undersøkelsen at politifolk er så "stakkarslige", dvs. utsatt for trusler, mentale problemer, trusler mot familie, etc.
    Dette er ENDELIG. Her går den absolutte LINJEN! Som sagt, jeg vil f*en ikke høre en j*vla unnskyldning!["Denne undersøkelsen" ble gjengitt av TV2 og kommer FØR den mer flatterende undersøkelsen av Rambøl[l?].]
    Url: http://blog.t-le​a.net/#post106

  6. "Den europeiske menneskerettskonvensjon" i forhold til "Den universelle"
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:42:13
    Det er forsåvidt en forskjell fra FN's/Universelle MR i forhold til "honour and reputation" i punkt 12 i den Universelle.
    Men dette er tilsvarende den vanlige injurie-lovgivningen i Europa/Norge og dette "1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." som er artikkel 8.
    "Den universelle erklæringen for menneskerettigheter"
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:40:18
    "Den universelle erklæringen for menneskerettigheter" er her, hostet av FN, link: http://www.un.org/en/documents​/udhr/ .
    Den europeiske menneskerettskonvensjon!
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:34:59
    Wikipedia siden for den Europeiske menneskerettskonvensjon er litt dårlig.
    Her er den i sin helhet fra Lovdata:
    Link: http://www.lovdata.no/all/hl-1​9990521-030.html#EMKN-A13 .
    Menneskerettigheter fra begge sider!
    Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 04:29:10
    Det kan nevnes at det kan ses på som en Menneskerett å bli kompensert for en idiot som begår overtredelser mot et samfunn. Fra dette synspunkt så er det ikke sikkert Dødsstraff er så galt, enn si strengere straffer, legalisering av pepperspray og en litt mer "lenient" våpenlovgivning. Jeg er imot en type "skitten" europeisk tradisjon som ofrer moralen for freden! Jeg er også av den oppfatning at en mer utstrakt overvåkning ved videokameraer i det offentlige vil fremme de gode menneskers interesser! Jeg kan nevne video-overvåkning i busser som jeg tror har betrygget buss-sjåførers hverdag betydelig.
    http://www.facebook.com/home.p​hp?sk=group_169414316424981&ap​=1 ! Dette er linken til en gruppe jeg har laget på Facebook. Jeg kommer til å poste flere innlegg her på bloggen fra den til de er på samme innholdsnivå begge steder.
    Idea for Emergency Number 112/911: why aren't the emergency services equipped to to accept a large number of emergency calls (4 million or higher)? Considering Skype and general IP technology, I think the time is ripe for setting up a better system for the emergency services so that ALL calls are registered (by actuated bandwidth) and on First in - First served principle. This means, possibly also, that Police can inform the public (by virtue) on how to patient to the emergency phone number service in case of expected phone-jams. This can be done by TV address, the usual behaviour addresses to the public and by a special notification on the Police website. Thus both the Police and "widen" and become better on registration and the public can be better educated to this end! Cheers!
    In addition comes an experience based number of Police operators/Emergency workers on the central service or where the calls go to, regardless. You can also improve feedback service on par with sms service to cell-phones. Perhaps, by voice recognition of email address by script encouragement and automated repeat for approval.
    there are a couple of errors in the OP, just so you know I know of them. The informality of this Facebook medium gets to carry it, regardless, no less respectful to you as such. The errors are clearly on me!

  7. Idea for Emergency Number 112/911: why aren't the emergency services equipped to to accept a large number of emergency calls (4 million or higher)? Considering Skype and general IP technology, I think the time is ripe for setting up a better system for the emergency services so that ALL calls are registered (by actuated bandwidth) and on First in - First served principle. This means, possibly also, that Police can inform the public (by virtue) on how to patient to the emergency phone number service in case of expected phone-jams. This can be done by TV address, the usual behaviour addresses to the public and by a special notification on the Police website. Thus both the Police and "widen" and become better on registration and the public can be better educated to this end! Cheers!
    (From above, but repeated here for emphasis!)
    In addition comes an experience based number of Police operators/Emergency workers on the central service or where the calls go to, regardless. You can also improve feedback service on par with sms service to cell-phones. Perhaps, by voice recognition of email address by script encouragement and automated repeat for approval.
    [Added here: You can also dial a certain number for explicitly waiting the reach an emergency call operator, as today, with many phone services!]
    (From above, but repeated here for emphasis!)
    This post has been accelerated because of the 112/911 idea. I like this idea very much and I think it presents a _perfect_ idea for society on some (very) small level, a little piece of Heaven in and by itself! Cheers!
    I'm thinking about two messages. One for Amnesty International, to be serious, under "Stop Torture", to also include the serious aspect of "Monkey Biz" and how it can threaten all that we hold dear, from valuable water sources to threatening important people in important jobs who are supposed to do important work. Not only this, but limiting the very important performance of our future's kids! Not only this, but "spreading the curse" from the older and "breaking the curse" down on the younger should also file under this aspect! I still hold that torture is mainstream and that (even) kids are subject as we speak!!!
    29 February at 04:10
    Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea
    ‎"Older, educated men, however, "will discuss and consider the truth rather than the one who plays and contradicts for the sake of the game" (539d). When they are thirty-five, those well-trained in dialectics will be required to go back int...See more
    Education in Plato's Republic
    This paper examines the two explicit accounts of education in Plato's Republic, ...See more
    1 March at 00:09
    Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea So only at 50 can you /start/ being a King with Plato... Now that's education and mature mind!
    I have these time-stamps for the document aobve, esp. relating to the Emergency Phone Number, Facebook, time: 06:58, date: 16.08.2011,
    Facebook, time: 07:06, date: 16.08.2011!
    22 November 2011 15:48

  8. The above texts that have been included are 4 in total. Some text is in Norwegian and this is to be corrected in the main text as it is added. I'd also like to say that my idea for the emergency services, 911/112 has been incorporated to the City of New York Emergency Systems, I think, as they announced it for getting it /through/ Google services a while ago! Cheers!

  9. Over the idea of "100% Society" and the organisational questions of the Department of Justice and the Police (F. Aarebrot and Norway), one should note that Internal Affairs can be a good avenue for solving the illusion of mismanagement of the Police. Another approach is to set the Police under a continuous People's Commission under the leadership of the Department of Justice. One can also, of cour
    se, consider both of these in combination, that is, _strengthening_ the Internal Affairs and setting up this extra commission. Remember that the "Three-Parted Democratic Model" always needs to stay in place or else democracy as fundamental idea is bound to fail because of "play". Media is as usual noted for being the informal 4th power as state-controller, controlling the governing powers/forces!

  10. Along with mHDI, respects to the HDI-inventor from Pakistan, I suggest that one starts to make a money-number on fairly immaterial concepts, such as (physical) security, ethical complacency, and mental order/happiness by scope, not "robotics", with (legal) free will and autonomy kept.
    With this comes a "quantified" GDP value that economists can consider, also to the population at large, adding military/police forces/system calm to satisfy very-money-interested people, all money included (black money too?).
    Where these costs are calculated to belong to the public budgets (state, regional, local) or the private ones, where these may be, is beyond me.

    (Also consider the Greenspanism, the quantified/justified parts of household budgets and economy overall.)

  11. From Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Development_Index :
    "The origins of the HDI are found in the annual Development Reports of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). These were devised and launched by Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq in 1990 and had the explicit purpose "to shift the focus of development economics from national income accounting to people-centered policies". To produce the Human Development Reports, Mahbub ul Haq brought together a group of well-known development economists including: Paul Streeten, Frances Stewart, Gustav Ranis, Keith Griffin, Sudhir Anand and Meghnad Desai. But it was Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s work on capabilities and functionings that provided the underlying conceptual framework. Haq was sure that a simple composite measure of human development was needed in order to convince the public, academics, and policy-makers that they can and should evaluate development not only by economic advances but also improvements in human well-being. Sen initially opposed this idea, but he went on to help Haq develop the Index. Sen was worried that it was difficult to capture the full complexity of human capabilities in a single index but Haq persuaded him that only a single number would shift the attention of policy-makers from concentration on economic to human well-being.[3][4]"

    (This source enters my idea of "100 % Society" in fitting in, copyright belonging to other people, as much as Popper has been added to Phil. of Science argument/criterium (Efficiency...) and the best/good parts of "Open Society and Its Enemies" from where "100 %..." has its root, by being inspired...! Cheers!

  12. Military and the "100% Society"!

    For the "100% Society"- idea, I intend to use "Military action to counter civil unrest" instead of "Military Curfew" as label in order to do quick stuff, such as securing the national assemblies in times of important decision-making or if/when households can be awarded their own legal weapons that they will pick up with a weapons deposit, guarded by these armed forces, locally or close enough, whatever.

    So, therefore, "Military action to counter civil unrest" or the failure to obtain critical targets of the nation like making elections happen or apprehending a politician lunatic for high treason / State trial!

    Still, the idea of "100% Society" is carried with Plato, Karl Popper and The Jimmy Carter Center in mind! (Of course, with the rest of the World Team doing this work!)

  13. Ecology is important and I intend for it to be no less important under "100 % Society":

    The Overpopulation Problem

    Suggestion for combatting Overpopulation, a dire condition that brings out the worst in people and against animals and wildlife the same:

    The governments of the World issue a (steady) /recommendation/ for only one or two children (for each woman, or other standard, issues may arise with homosexuals who desire children, but this needs separate resolve).

    Under the recommendation then, this follows, a 3 pt. list,
    1. that families will be required by law to pay partly or wholly for the 3rd child as incentive toward right behaviour.
    2. that becoming pregnant with a fourth child or giving birth to a fourth child may provoke forced abortion or forced adoption.
    3. that becoming pregnant with a fifth child and beyond may trigger forced abortions, forced adoptions, forced sterilizations and removal of legal rights in representing stupor below normal intelligence.

    I hope you bother to take note and that we work together, in moving the politics toward better ecology and a better future for all, with as much people in the future gene-tree as possible! Thanks.

    (Me? A hard-liner Ecology Philosopher? This files under Applied Ethics and only as suggestion for discussion. Also, point is made for making the discussion /move/ somewhere whatsoever.)

  14. The Problem Numbers that Obstruct the "100 % Society"

    The numbers for the legal systems to watch, for the legal system journalism.

    Under the idea of "100 % Society", there are some key problem numbers. These are:
    - the homicides
    - the disappearances
    - the suicides

    These 3 statistics are reported on, in Norway, by the following: the police, Special Investgation Unit - KRIPOS, the official office for statistics in Norway - SSB

    In addition, given a number of corrupt doctors, it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on the deaths on medical grounds as matters of being "fixed"/"medical anomalies". This number should have an eye to it as well. (I leave a "code" notice to this as well.)

    Then we have the black numbers: the tourist deaths, (unregistered) immigrants, people who have come to a given legal domain "without telling so", that they are there beyond the legal notices to this aspect ("living in a basement or on a heap of trash", whatever).

    Warning! All of these numbers may hold the most disgusting torture /in them/ and should have keen eyes to them and that this message goes out, as usual, to the responsible parts of the World, to the people who seek to establish the best society.

  15. This idea (100 % Society) may be directly associated to the "Human Being of Law", a long hunt that has come to an end, the good end.

  16. ”Roof-capitalism”, that I think courts should set arbitration more wisely and according to “roof-capitalism” (also mentioned by Richard Quest on CNN some time ago?), a kind of capitalistic critical theory that’s objective and that goes well with “engineering group efforts”, “university efforts” (still including the arbitration of the courts),


    The alternative route to a better World may hurt like H*ll! That the freedom/”freedom” (fx. Amish) we loose may prove very insignificant!

    That peace – democracy/security by UDHR Art. 3 need to have higher priorities before freedom is phased in the ideal ways because humanity as it is now, is volatile!

    “Roof-capitalism” is also triggered by rife crime and police corruption and hideous ways to money and the craving for money!

    (Communism/socialism is still not viable as political theory.)

  17. However, the World is in such a state that some people say "military green" for it "for some time" in order for re-adjustment into decency.

  18. Sure, the other discussion, then why not the equivalents:
    Highest ceiling capitalism or highest level capitalism,
    all in terms of fortune being held by single individuals or by more complex considerations, families or nations! I.e., this is about the money in private hands, best exemplified by Fortune 500 List.

  19. The Humanistic Oath for Leaders!

    There is this suggestion to require ALL LEADERS to lay down a humanistic oath, committing them to proper leadership in accordance with laws and regulations, incl. the Human Rights (ECHR/UDHR)! This may make all these leaders liable to harder punishment or harder sentencing in the Court of Law!

    (Formerly presented with Facebook, I think.)

  20. Please, remember to also visit http://whatiswritten777.blogspot.no/2011/11/straight-addition-to-100-society.html - A Straight Addition to 100% Society - Philosophy of Politics.

  21. The most important issues for the World: the lie detection kiosk AVATAR, the "airport-" scanners for criminal implants, "warts" and 500 conditions and the revolvers and pepperspray for the populations by ordinary conditions!

    I agree that global climate change is severe for the World, but if there are no human beings for it, if we become monsters and hold the children to the flames, why should we care?

    This can in turn also lead to the big issues of reducing standing armies (reasonably and as we progress) as well as reducing the number of nukes, "all devices included" and so on...

  22. To #CNNTalkwithMaxFoster @MaxFoster #CNNTalk

    The gun debate: it's almost like evil never is supposed to provoke an attack on innocent people! That people are supposed to remain perfectly "neutral" no matter what amount of evil they are victim to, yet we hear (only) about the mental illness! In a sense, it's "lawful" to torture people (including children), but never is one supposed to take justice into one's own hands and make the "political attempt"! However, there are crazy people as there are evil people which are problems, but I think you see my point.

    There are the "usual" reservations against people owning guns, let's relate to home-protecting revolvers and not automatic weapons like the AR-15 and the bump stocks issue that's up for regulation in USA (prohibition). Before "Lex Breivik" making the gun laws stricter in Norway, there was in place a two-year period after therapy treatment that banned people with mental illness from having or owning a gun. However, given what we know about the World, also people who have been mentally ill should have the right to protect themselves "and so they only get a two-year ban". There may also be provisions about people serving time for crime they've committed, but uncertain how that legal argument runs.

    There is also the blatant possibility for (moral) progress in the World by implementation of the 4 factors: revolvers and pepperspray to the public "without insane restrictions", the lie-detection array (like #AVATAR, of 5 methods+) and the "airport"-scanners for revealing criminal implants, warts of corruption and "500 conditions" in people. These 4 factors have the chance to bring about immense change in the World for the betterment of Humanity (according to UDHR).

    There are also more serious aspects to the democracy debate including the guns and it is the fact that people on the schizophrenia side, rather than the depression side, of the mental illness (who are likely to be helped by ECT and medication) have a tendency, given the developed illness, to misuse revolvers and pepperspray such as turning them against themselves. By the absence of these 4 factors, let along revolvers and pepperspray, these "worst" lunatics are given an explicit opportunity to do evil in society as well as in the World wherever they connect to and travel to! I think the history of this says something very serious about the World and there is, of course, the strongest moral duty to have it amended as soon as possible!

  23. One version of Meritocracy

    To imagine and take points from other people and act on them in the best possible way in a system of democracy. Thereby serving people the best!

    That is the Meritocracy for Democracy of the Future!

    Thus, Meritocracy 2.0?

    #Meritocracy #PoliticalScience #NewPoliticalScience #HumanRights

    To alienate people from both intellecutalism and meritocracy may thus be a very bad idea!

  24. On the way to 100% Society, the realism part of Accordance Realism, Pragmatism and Idealism/Utopian Philosophy:

    The Way to Decent Old Age - The World is Dangerous

    I have formerly suggested a best practice approach to solving all life's challenges under a premise of democratic laws and regulations. I have to say now that the World is too corrupt, actually, more so in Europe and elsewhere than in USA, for a "formal" best practice approach to be followed. Instead, I respect and urge people to their own

    - individual ways to decent old age insofar old age is wanted. -

    One note, though, is that no one is left outside the Human Rights (UDHR) as moral protection ("shield"/worth). The International Laws and Duties are definite. The perpetrators are in no way excused!

    Links, 3,
    The International Bill of Rights: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Bill_of_Human_Rights
    The International Bill of Rights (OHCHR): https://www.ohchr.org/doc…/publications/compilation1.1en.pdf (also another document on OHCHR domain)
    The Bill of Rights (USA): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Bill_of_Rights

  25. Given The 4 Factors and Radio-Based Scanner Portals

    - it must be evident that a single clinic can serve 5000 to 8000 people in a single day, checked by technicians and nurses, and the physicians merely monitoring and doing more difficult cases.

    In addition, the prescriptions can be auto-generated given some parameters for this.

    Now, what will be the patient data? I suggest all of it! Of course!

  26. For the Future of a More Perfect World

    The path forward is to vote for right wing politics and keep voting right wing politics in order to increase pressure for the good solutions including The 4 Factors.

    Bottom line for right wing politics: freedom of thought, privacy rights, laws and regulations including human rights for business life and private initiative! If they fail this, they are logically replaced along with the socialists and the others.

    Of course, the socialists (and communists) will continue to be weak on human rights (UDHR/The International Bill of Rights) and fighting crime, improving the legal system, admitting no learning from those other horrible crimes against humanity usually involving torture and character killing of the youngest and upward!

    Much of the history of socialists involves genocides and mass killings. Just check with history: Stalin, Hitler, Red Khmer, Mao Zedong, etc., etc...

    * The 4 Factors: revolvers and pistols, pepper spray, lie detection array (5 methods +) and radio-based scanner portals ("against 500 unwanted ills in human beings").

  27. For the Future of a More Perfect World (2)
    While on the right wing one must seek to demand the best candidates there for leading and take nominations and offices as or when they get elected. If there is this only answer, we choose the best people! Hurray!

  28. On Disturbing Corruption - Warning! I warn you!

    Let's assume that it's hard or very risky to speak about corruption and torture in very corrupt places.

    Thus, very corrupt places may not have much discussion of corruption and torture at all.

    Thus further, all the marks of democracy broken down similarly!