Monday, 7 May 2012

Celebrate YOUR Angel Now!

Notified a little while ago on Facebook, I have at least underlined the angel Gabriel, the angel Samael and the angel Michael.
The angel Michael is one h*ll of an angel who slays the evil by the manifestation of evil itself, Satan, carrying the (lethal) sword in hand. Please watch the embedded video, by
Title: "archangel michael defender of the faith"

Then you always have the option to search for angels on the internet. Islam has angels in it too! Wikipedia has a number of good articles. Check them out, please!

As a good scientist, but with religious faith intact, I don't pursue the idea of angels literally. However, I find it charming in the childish sense (and as a good story to the kids) that these angel-beings so to speak fly about in the World in the most secretive ways to carry out their assignments and specialties! As with Tolkien and others then it is quite nice to let oneself get caught up in the non-fiction fantasy-genre of the aforementioned author! Enjoy your "Tolkien-story", please!

(Note: Edited a bit, appx. time, 19:23 CEST 7th May, 2012.)

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  1. My opinion is, by information of the Archangels who I've connected with, that monsters like Adolf Hitler burn in Hell with excruciating pains for no less than a 1000 years, minimum!

    There is no particular promise in becoming a monster, doing the absurdly immoral, waging a war against all that's human, all that's part of nature etc. Whether it's the mentality and lusting for torture so despicable there's no word... A thousand years in burning Hell, that's what I promise given my connections to the Archangels. I think of it as them losing their minds a 2nd time, totally mind-busted from their own sadistic and perverted mentalities!

    A bit of cold water into the blood...