Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Over Victor and Victim - Contribution to English language or not...

This is a notice on the distinction of "victim" and "victor"/"victory": Now many people view victims as losers, but regarding the character and these low-life scum who risk /nothing/ I must say it is both character and honour to DIE for something. Thus, as opposed to brute idiots, I find that victim and victor splits into honour ("vict"), but the victim in /less/ honour than the victor (given some ceteris paribus considerations).
Also note that "e-vict" is to throw somebody out and that "vict" in English thereby suggests to "throw" oneself into something, to make an effort toward some goal...
Thus you have it, don't live like that coward imbecile, please!!!

Note: First posted to Facebook at 28 March at 04:02 and 31 March at 06:55, with a slight alteration.
Note: This comes in addition to "Code" vs. Malapropisms (1775?, mrs. Malapropism), De Dicto contribution and The technical removal of "Ought" in two or three lines only, not the normative notion of the word, but the mere presence of the word itself, by a normative equivalent (within the context we consider, relatively speaking). Thus 4?

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