Saturday, 21 April 2012

Why Your Mobile Phone Can Be Completely Secure Without PUK!

This requires a user-set code for Telephone Lock and Recovery Code (perhaps also an own "internet"/"smart" phone security code against internet intrusion on a "handcuff-"basis (the password is coded securely within the as well as with the user, making up a set of "handcuffs". This alone should normally give very good security... along with the usual options for security. However, there's another option that gives even harder protection and this is to "define data types" to enter the mob. phone on harder premises, fx. only stnd. html, https, only approved "white list" apps. and so on... This can be seen as rolling by to a more advanced WAP-programming and making the World less US American dependent, that is "Creative Programming Allowed (In)" -> Unchecked! I don't accept robot-arguments/subversive arguments from the mob. phone companies themselves, that is, how they have "this "God"-ability to do this and that and that therefore all that I say is invalid" (thi-hi-hi-hi). You know what I mean... Also, you may call this kind of the (motherf**king, excuse me) DUMB phone!!!

This should also leave that "special" necessity "for security forces, special operatives and /the/ very agents and other important people, like some business people... to themselves and who can well set up and USE those good /robot/ phones which they are probably very fond of"! Besides, no-one of us normal people are really that important and with some good back-up routines with software to follow, there is no more problem than buying a new phone and /recycle/ the old and lost one!

Remember that the (old) chip holding your phone number is still very important in this in linking your subscription uniquely to your subscription scheme, by address and possibly bank-account for "not holding a criminal phone line" so to speak, that you're a responsible phone owner... (Police state or not, there's a solution on my blogs for dealing with this "problem" by itself...)

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