Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Over Attacks on the Idea of Multiculturalism - Futile and Mistaken

One note, 2 points, on Ethnical Conflicts, the "controversy" over multiculturalism: To be unable to cooperate (directly on own soil) with other cultures is to be an inferior culture, i.e., multiculturalism has come to stay!
To cite (physical) power as a point to the rest of the World is to have disposed off the best of what we are supposed to be, intelligent! This suggests inferior intelligence to other parts of the World and a kind of scarecrow to the dumb that for us to prosper, other people need to stay poor!
Even then, we, ourselves, struggles with fundamental questions such as legal practice and overpopulation! So long to that fantasy of that "dominant, white culture", one that's heavily mixed (now) in USA, having the most poweful military in the World! Pathetic!
Note: I don't deny that there exist "hate-games" and that "police code" play a good part of instigation. One is of course also encouraged to add the usual "dubious" Erich Fromm considerations to this, as human nature as carnivorous!

Note: Posted to Facebook minutes ago.
Note2: I believe I have written somewhere on multiculturalism earlier, but for now, I've failed to identify the writing. Let me try to connect later, please!

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