Friday, 13 April 2012

Over Traditional Communication - And not /that/ nonsense of subjective character...

I will accept NO duty that's based on (loose) claims "that I've sent you, mr. Olsnes-Lea, a signal (of the telepathic nature) and that you therefore should have done this and that!" No, only duties that are based on traditional communication are committed to (and acted upon) and it is /defined/ to be speech and the written word, "usually", you know, the peaceful, physical meeting, the mail, the email and the phone call! Other than that, there's NOTHING! Now, I do hope you understand what "nothing" means! Alright? I leave you to it! Cheers!

Note: This should really have been unnecessary and it only relates to the many Jangling Jacks and Janes, of this country in particular, who are unable to determine what a relation is and what a /friendly/ relation is, i.e., people with many deficiencies!

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