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Over IQ Testing, The Bell Curve and the Future

I have updated the message to you so that it now looks like this:
For political reasons and having entered the US registry first(?), I bring some point of view if you want it:
It should now be noted that the question of intelligence has remained largely/wholly undecided over whether IQ could be connected with humanistic values or not! Now that I've written about insanity and other and achieved reputation more, also for other efforts, I, for one, call for decision IN FAVOUR PRO-humanistic values in connection with the IQ scale that better reflect the actual performance of intelligence with the intellectuals of the World, scientists, engineers, and writers alike, all included!

My latest before the above, "having been involved since the 80s":
In responding to these new "contextual-intelligence" idiots, I just want to say right away that I support the testing standards of intelligence (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and Raven's Progressive Matrices, predominantly, also by the usual Mensa notions or conventions) and not these "contextual-intelligence" idiots. That to refer to contextual intelligence is to me a way to disguise a kind of stupidity, and the "contextual-intelligence" stories are all too easy to mock, as much as the story goes with "Magic-Moment-at-Drinking-Beer-at-the-Local-Pub" in saving the World from nuclear holocaust and acquiring this utmost /highest/ "contextual-intelligence" because at this special moment, and having trained for beer-drinking a very long time, and seeing this moment coming too, Beer-Drinking Jack from the local factory scores the "ultimate point" again!
Be this the "John G." spot of Jochum's Pub in Fars(-e)und "kommune" or not!

I also happen to support the notion that intelligence testing is to happen neutrally, in the absolute sense, and that intelligence is NOT a social phenomenon, but a measure to rate the functioning of a (healthy) brain in order to predict who is the most successful, and that, even by the psychologists, that the scale is meant to, as Adjustment-updated, reflect the direct performance in science and ALL f*cking else!

(Not because you ask for permission for taking a test, under the torture -clinic, being socially "allowed" to score this or that! Also, by tech-eyes, that are invalidating, not because of the victim, but because of this implant-administering retard who has rejected ethics and Helsinki-declaration altogether and "plays" this very important GAM(I)E.)

Also, I find this insistence on the Bell's Curve insulting because it has roots in a (racist-)USA (to Palestinians or poor Africans, because USA is so intelligent is actually scores so high that it moves the "quota" from Africa to its (god-d*mn)self! I also hold it to the Bell Curve people themselves in that they are academically demanded to say "peaceful circumstances for testing or be thrown out of the good society!
"Also scoring 151/200 not under the torture clinic!"

So a new approach to testing on a more *precise* and *real* basis can be this:
1. The test as before.
2. An additional test array involving a kind of strongly limited personality testing, determining a kind of self-confidence
3. The testing management (as people, three perhaps) then gives an additional "aesthetic" value for "police code as requirement of corrupt personality"/"monkey-business"
Final: These 3 steps may be/should be necessary in order to spark a new debate over future progress of human kind and that subversion against this kind of (voluntary) research falls (strictly) outside academic standards. Personality is investigated in line with Jungian traditions.
I think there's also good reason to say that US intelligence by fx. CIA and McCarthyism may have been more interested in the personality issues than hitherto known! A slight point on the pre-WW2 suspicions as history writing.


The "...additional "aesthetic" value..." may be considered set as a kind of "clairvoyance/"seeing the band-track" or other (see Bem of the Cornell University).

Lastly and most easy to start with:
A comment on IQ - The newest read-out - The Neuro-Values from the forehead "area":

We list "by suspicion":
upward...200 - 1010 mA190 - 1009 mA180 - 1008 mA
130 - 1003 mA

Match up yourself... "Get your neuro-reader today!"

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  1. I understand well the worries by my mentioning of "clairvoyance", but this is not "tarot-card-game", I can tell you that.
    Additionally, scores can be set by two values, such as mIQ and mIQ*, that is, with the extra judgment, (modified-IQ-marked). Good?

  2. I have also made the very Demarcation criterium, The Efficiency Argument, as probably the best in the World. I know d*mn well what science is!

  3. The above posting (main message) has also been published first on Facebook under my profile and in two separate messages.

  4. Please, also refer to the conventions of Alpha-number in psychology and the social sciences.

    And to the above:
    Note that the theoretical upper limit of the IQ-test as 250(?) by Wechsler's, fx., is based on at least two facts:
    That you are to put down the marks on the paper (from your pen).
    And that to achieve the highest score you need to answer all of them correctly.
    For these two facts to occur, x seconds are needed. And when the x seconds are accounted for and correlated with the IQ-score table, you get 250 as theoretical maximum, absolutely.
    However, I think it's also a fact to say that highest score ever achieved is something more like 220.

  5. Another section for investigation:
    The so-called "energies" notions of intelligence, presumably "underlying the intelligence" by some people's perception, that those people who go by "energies" in terms of intelligence need to be examined more closely to such ends as to find consistent patterns and how these "energies" sometimes fail and how often. This is another one for the Mensa work, explicitly expressed here and now, the intelligence investigations, and I hope for more team-play in the time to come!

    Note: These "energies" must be seen /apart/ from a type of self-reporting of "I feel good" and also away from food and drink, the actual sources of energy to the body (to which water is an "effectuating" substance).

  6. I do not accept the replacement of Wechsler's Scale by Raven's Matrices only "for them, whomever they are" to "hide dube to whatever" only to conceal the blatant fact that people become more capable with information and therefore more intelligent.
    Further, note (read: NOTE) that information and intelligence are two closely connected concepts (that will not be removed by any retard f*ck, a deserved (soul-)nigger-title or not)! Any dishonest "game" makes the racist notions of the Bell Curve as contribution to the discussion of intelligence only more evident.

  7. PS: Aren't the psychologists a bit suppressed these days "to deliver"? Profession standing minus 1? compared to other professions in failing their duties to their two tip points, one the description of human being as carnivore (result: succumbed?), plus the other, to preserve progress in terms of intelligence insofar as it can be achieved, usually given by progress of science and more.

  8. A comment on IQ - The newest read-out - The Neuro-Values from the forehead "area":

    We list "by suspicion":

    200 - 1010 mA
    190 - 1009 mA
    180 - 1008 mA


    130 - 1003 mA

    Match up yourself... "Get your neuro-reader today!"

    Note again: Mensa and IQ get closer and closer. The psychologists are bewildered still? That working class personality, I guess by impression, and IQ do not mix?

  9. Unofficial information from Mensa USA and Mensa Norway.

    The e-meters "from the other side"?

    Note else: that I do not know the complete standings on these measurements based on neurological values, but there are (clearly) good reasons to compare them with other factors such as type of testing, score segments statistics and other factors from research, fx. superficial personality traits and more.

    Note2: I'd like to point out that on some matters, USA [I.e., Mensa Main - USA] seems to score better, regardless, and if this comes along with gun ownership, the access to non-lethal weapons, the real standing on human rights and more, I just can't f*cking care less! We are only to blame ourselves for not being able to carry it through, execute!

  10. The Religious side has won the intelligence "war"/competition already in 1982/'83 by vote/judgment of USA where I've been a part (by CNN announcement) of their data-set toward this vote/judgment. We can assume, probably, by their (USA by the good forces) good intentions, Religions should have paved the way everywhere in the World by the good St. Anselm thinking/statement, adding fx. St. Aquinas and Dr. S. Kierkegaard of Denmark, primarily.

    As the situation now is decided to the advantage of the Religious, there are peculiar aspects to this vote/judgment such as the true position of USA (or serious-USA) and its character beyond the forces of corrupt minds in the World.

    For you to contemplate more. Respects to the (ecumenical) Holy Books to go. Cheers!

    (Forever by my view, all "whitelist" Religions, counting fewer than 20(?), are to be (necessarily) considered d*mn symmetrical! I hope you understand this VERY WELL.)

  11. That the e-meters (watch up for alternative names) of psychologists, before Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, have been kept from the public so that the public has failed to praise the right leaders with the "right characteristics" only to let Hitler rise to the throne of political power by corrupt mind/with his corrupt mind!

    The presence of e-meters in society can have had the chance to make people more conscious toward right choices and suitable leaders by moral character. A worsening factor may still have been that the personal weapons and possible "pistol"-stun guns have been absent from the German society as well as most other parts of the World, with a growing ingenuity in USA, now preparing the abysmal events of World War II.

    Please read more about psychologists and e-meters on the internet. From the 1920s?

  12. Some info on the Wechsler's Scale, rather than the logarithmic scale lining up with the e-meter input all the way from 1920s, on the normative line,

    I've had the idea to set score for 1 by 1 second directly and just let the clock run from there and then group up the tested people according to class of score, usually rated the same way as teachers rate top scores in all other matters,

    still identifying the same group of 10 % above the 131 level of IQ today, rating these people as geniuses!

    This has been back at 1983/1984. Little have I had the knowledge of them and e-meters!

    Note that a logarithmic time-"score" to the correct answers gives a sharper separation between the very best while "leaving" the "about-100 IQ" in relative calmness. Just check the mathematics, please, starting with 1 sec. on the x-axis and "some IQ score or other, let's say impossible 250" on the y-axis. That is, using a (10)log-formula.

    By the e-meters, still not having made the measurements myself of these neuro-values, I/we suspect that they are closer to the micro-levels and some numbers lining up to or next to the logarithmic (10-based) scale of IQ rather than 10(-3), milli-Amperage.

    Force still, ABSOLUTE AND UNCOMPROMISING IQ VALUES! With some transparency too, much like in mathematics.

    If one is to stay with the relative, in saying that in some future, only 150 IQ is good enough for placing oneself as genius, and barely so too, one heeds a kind of maximum social dynamics, implying social conflicts and inhumanity (in keeping one's head above the water-line, from a profession that has "carnivorism" and "carnivore-psychology" as "achievement" (not as the normative "only" passive description fitting "some" people). and correspondingly bad/unethical academic culure (among its professionals).

    In making the scale absolute, we pay greater respects to Kantian Ethics and we place, at the same time, the whole humanity better in terms of history, not only winning against fake "racism", but also celebrating a growing smartness/increased IQ among people on the entire planet (probably as the ideal information society has paved the way for in the first place, along with other "miracles" such as the United Nations)!

    This has consequences further, people leading their lives more wisely according to (ethical/just) self-interest, not some idiots with pre-set ideas, faulty, widely crazy or not, about human beings and how they are "only animals" and that consequently, by these idiots, all social experiments, sociopathies, trickeries, deceits etc. are ALLOWED, i.e., there are no leading values in the World!

    That carnivore-psychology entails deep dishonesty in presenting one's academic work, "thinking with the teeth, not with the brains". For examples of this crazy academic work, I'd like you to consider "the signals" by "Stanford Prison Experiment" and "Stanley Milgram's Learning Experiment" in how widely off these "expert" academics hit it with their work, fx. not one student "enjoying" torture to enhance studies at university or college or other.


  13. The Neuro-Values Again!

    The neuro-values for real, in approximate terms, practically speaking straight from the set of Scientology and (their) e-meters:

    High IQ by neuro-value alone, by suspicion closer to truth,
    0,40 or 4,0 µA (micro-Ampere)

    Low IQ by neuro-value alone, by suspicion closer to truth,
    0,11 or 1,1 µA (micro-Ampere)

    Note: Sorry for presenting the far-off list above even though many of the readers should be able to extract the word "figuratively" from it. The "wishful" correlation between neuro-values and IQ is also dropped, not a reality directly.

    (Technical info: High cost for e-meter is due to strains for creating stable, electrical signals-output that involves expensive materials and more.)

  14. Into the new year, I welcome the notion of Rationality as (Kantian) Ethical/Moral! (January, 2018)