Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Name: Olsnes-Lea - Nobel Prize? Maybe.

Alright. (By tech-eyes...) I ooze in on the eyes by Olsnes-Lea now. Nobel Prizes. Anybody? We have:
1. Medicine - mSomatism, psychiatry. Most splendid unifying theory solving several questions in psychiatry as well as establishing psychiatry as science most definitely.

2. Literature - History of USA, the story of US Financial Radicalism and CIA, I guess. The political earthquake after 2000.

3. Literature - the Atheism - Religions debates, after Russell, Camus, and Sartre. Flattening the whole debate dead and setting the World population onto new trends in terms of the human mysteries.

4. Physics - Photon theory and theories more. The Schrödinger's Rat and wave-collapse sent off to psychology, only to mention some.

5. Peace - NATO2 and the Hindenburg-New York-USA Description of New! Envisioning a systematic approach to global security. Also for having made the intellectual foundation for a torture-free World!

6. Economy - Portraying a definite work on the largest economy theory possible, by making or cooperating on the  normative economy map of the World.

7. Any f*cking else crazy thing he comes up with...!

Formerly? "Well, well, I don't know!"
New York Technology Hub? Sure!
IQ: 151? Sure too!

Suggestion: I take one in Physics and oversee the rest for the lucky, worthy people to follow!!!

(Don't mess with me, please!)


  1. The above has first been published, also as note, under my Facebook-profile, Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea some time before the above has been written, but no more than minutes.

  2. If you check out Opinions on Physics, , and add a text on Corona of the Sun and New Crust Formation Theory, that's about it (for my part).

  3. As aim to the physics point above, I can also add, of course, my work for Unfying Work in Physics as well. Url: . So that my work, by the sharpest I can achieve and in being looked UP to, is properly accounted for, as the other doctors of physics EXPECT (yes, with X in it)!!!

  4. Two Nobel Prizes More

    Cancer, All Types

    I can also mention two other projects/programs in medicine, I'm contributing to, and these are Prevention Measures to Cancer, usually, a feat (of intellectuality) to inform the public on how to _not_ acquire cancer,


    Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Syndromes
    the investigations to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's in making a kind of sociological/psychological studies to see if the investigations check in.

    Both of these projects may prove Nobel worthy!

    That these 2 fill in on the 7. point.

    Note: You may note that I'm this awful researcher of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, but then again I'm not one of the venerally diseased "suicide researchers" and I'm always working /inside/ the Helsinki Declaration! Hah!

    "Go, go, go!"

  5. I can also bring you this wording from Wikiversity:

    "The Standard Selection on Parkinson's Disease"

    "However, in light of the academic honesty and in the service of the World, then one should also include the personality angle that may (help to) bring Parkinson's Disease.
    This is not something that appears out of nothing, no, PD has a special scientific history of symptoms and moving forth and back from the somatic category to the psychiatric category.
    As you have displayed one list of the more conventional, I still urge you to consider this one, even though it may require substantial efforts and testing in order to yield results. The academic duty is to include all but the "pseudo-scientific", and this one is from the psychiatric category and you know it and you are to include it (please). Cheers! [From a very unknown IP] 00:11, 4 March 2013 (UTC)"

    You may want to read a blogposting of mine here and there.

  6. I also have the pleasure to report my establishment of The Human Being of Law in time for a book to be published as the 3rd "object" to pass in as a 7th point, along with the two above.

    The two above being in Medicine and this one in Literature, a significant idea for human progress to take place, ref. the Nobel Testament itself.

  7. The Will of Alfred Nobel is here, by this url:
    -> " part to the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction;..." to the advantage of the Prize in Literature.

  8. Because of other people's work in HIV/AIDS, in being misguided/fraudulent, I leave mine. They are ahead. Listen to them, please, and we'll see what happens here.

  9. The Meta-Notions over All of the 6 Nobel Prizes - 2013

    I note my three stars above the usual 4 Nobel Prizes of Science and note also that they may shine above two more, if you please:
    So that even by "system consideration" for the Peace Prize (Political Science) and "quality consideration" for the Literature Prize (Science of Literature), I've trumped the Nobel Prizes in the meta-sense/set the Nobel Prizes onto a higher level by these three texts/ideas of mine:

    * The Transmission Argument in Epistemology
    * The Efficiency Argument in Philosophy of Science
    * Criticism of Kuhn's Paradigms - Building Babel's Tower also in Philosophy of Science

    There you have it then, my three stars over the Nobel name will be there forever!!!

    PS: Formerly, at least for the 4 definite science prizes one has used the time-factor in waiting for success to become evident and combined this with the number of references, in the sense that the work has gained authority among the other scientists too. Now, by mine, success can be determined almost immediately.

  10. Preventive Cancer Measures - Nobel Prize in Medicine. Measuring natural, human electricity for detecting cancer.
    Url: "Cancer-Preventive Measures" as one point on the list - .

    Hmmm... maybe it hasn't been checked in at all... Either way, eradicating (the poss. for) cancer from the entire World is surely Nobel Prize worthy. I do understand the importance of this idea! Thank you!

    I'm sorry that I've been late in adding this idea to the list, but this one isn't one of the oozing in! No, it's been on the internet for 10 years now and developed slightly through 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    Maybe "Checked in" aren't the two words for it, but here is a suspect by 3 people: .

  11. With words of technical flair to go, they have entered this Nobel work, but a bit hard to identify for now as my time is of haste for other matters.

  12. For the very seriousness, "outside special-invention electronic imprisonment Norway":

    Dr. L. F. Olsnes-Lea

    The supporting note: Doctor's work means doctor.
    The subjects:
    Doctor of physics
    Doctor of philosophy in combination with psychology.
    That, "before Norway", universities have (been intellectually forced to) admitting talented/intelligent people with novel work a "secured seat" whereto finish and graduate by their work. This is also under the older notions of "the priest's calling" and "to see the light/intelligence from every human being through", i.e., to let nature finish a significant person's nature, that is, the founding letters of every university by the European/"Western" culture.

  13. By the words of Norwegian media, underlying dube to go:
    "A Nobel Prize is awarded for the identification of (the source of) the Corona of the Sun." Thus: Possible Explanation of the Paradox of the Corona of the Sun - .
    In some sense, people may say that I'm "amazing" in doing this, but truth is that there are many "unhealthy" conditions in the World to makes this a fact. I am also currently sitting here in Norway, very much set for relocation, but out "suppression/fear of torture/other", I'm frozen to the spot and can't get much around at all. My history doesn't make this any better, well knowing how dubious many of the med. doctors have been in this country.

  14. Against every discussion of myself being educated as Doctor of Psychiatry or other, to the best end of the World.

    To this, I say, I have already chosen physics as my field of highest involvement forever, and to this, in meeting these concerns, there are the "Honours Doctorates". There are some Doctors WHO receive many doctorates of honour and they may go as high up as 50 or 200.

    Therefore, it may very well be that I'm awarded Honours Doctorates of Law (The Human Being of Law / On Lying) and Medicine/Psychiatry (mSomatism for a start). That is, by this, the hysteria of this and that kind needs to end. Cheers!

  15. Note on Russia to Any (Nobel) Peace Prize in Terms of My List (Here)

    Trabant has been the place for this NATO - Russia top meeting, where they have met and where Russia has declared
    its openness toward joining NATO and for the rest of the World to do so too!

    Time: some years ago, 2008? (I need more precise information, rather than the original little notice in Norwegian media.)

    Trabant - Tre bieu! That Russia has intended an elegant statement by choosing Trabant as meeting place, as much as
    its Trabant to fx. Volkswagen.

    For their Nobel Peace Prize, in addition, they have pushed USA on the New Start Treaty, limiting the number of warheads or combined weapons, even the MIRVS to 750.
    (With sentiments, possibly, from China building up from China. They have the Confucius Peace Prize.)

  16. Sorry, the French is "très bien" meaning good/goodness/well being.

  17. There is a possibility that the work for removing the HIV/AIDS Theory can be rewarded by a Nobel Prize in Literature by the fact that such a book makes the case for better scientific understanding and more peaceful research environment, for the unbribed scientists, for the extended free World, so that the general public can have more confidence toward work coming out from academia, raising the optimism aspects toward future, thus, finally, generating a more peaceful World. A thought I may share with a person from Sweden. Any good?

  18. I, however, stay with the physics as noted above.

  19. For text-loving people (me being one of us), 2nd "envisioning" has now been replaced by "portraying".

  20. Preference list, if you do not mind:

    Religion/aftermath NDNID: India/Middle East/Egypt/Libya/South Africa/Argentina/Brazil.
    HIV/AIDS as literature to more safe world: China or by China.
    Financial Radicalism: Israel or one/several by them.
    M-Somatism/mSomatism: EU (Other?), several people recommended into the "program".
    Cancer, toward a better description for the occurrence of cancer, apart from uncontrolled cell growth to benign or malignant, key, Neuro-values: USA.

    (One or two: USA.
    One or two: Russia.
    Two or three: EU.)

    Myself: Physics prize for New Crust Formation Theory or The Corona of the Sun (only one allowed).

    The others "go to": (thinking, thinking... with the World/UN.)

  21. 3 physics prizes
    New Crust Formation Theory, Accelerator Physics/Particle Physics (Photon Theory +), Corona of the Sun.

    But too little time with CERN, "and efforts with Theoretical Physics" instead has made me think that only two applies:
    New Crust Formation Theory or Corona of the Sun. (Not that I've played games with anybody.)


  22. The Nobel Prizes more, 2, as suggestion or possibility:

    1. Over the Multiple Sclerosis and others

    On MS Syndrome

    Again: My judgment on Multiple sclerosis and the rest, is one on genetics/epigenetics, that there's a psychiatric explanation behind this, Multiple Sclerosis.

    But in counting up all of these, always saying the same, "epigenetic/genetic", I'd rather be more substantial this time and say that it can relate to a set of genes "of weakness" or "of dying" (whether out of events in society or not).

    Thus, the further investigations should now be to make the gene-analyses of all of these and "mark certain genes with red". The investigations turn to such matters of medicine as 1. baldness, 2. Psoriasis, 3. Multiple Sclerosis, 4. Parkinson's, 5. Alzheimer's and all cancers. My bet is that one will be find a kind of common set of genes or genes that have special relations together, possibly. It's a long shot, but such is the initial science for investigations at times! Good luck!

    Url: . (temporary, all Norway considered)
    "Multiple sclerosis (MS), also known as disseminated sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminata, is an inflammatory disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to communicate, resulting..."

    In a sense, I have squared all cancers already, by determining the neuro-values and trying to compensate by more correct personal living, also to others. "Living with the Vedas, with the peace of the earth, with the best ethics" in order to come through life decently, without the afflictions of various kinds.

    2. The Growing of Petridish Ham

    I've placed, once, a smaller remark for growing petri-dish entities and have mentioned with it the growing of a hamburger. The remark says then that one should rather look to grow a hamburger with bone in, much the same way as a slice of thigh (any animal, humans too) have a bone inside this slice, after the slice is cut out by butcher's saw or the surgeon's saw.

    This has been written to Philosophyforums (21. March, 2009? I need to check.) "+ one" where Philosophyforums may have, by its "holy" Administration, binned it to its Garbage Bin, probably a kind of special sub-forum for them.
    Time for this email and this message to the Philosophyforums site is still a bit uncertain, all reiterations included. But we can state 2003 to 2009, starting in 2003, as claim.

    At the time, one email has gone to a Düsseldorf University, also relating to more efficient science "for industrial growth or prowess", a kind of card delivered.

    Either way, and outside my person, this prize is going to one or both of Holland and Germany, USA acting dishonestly (enough) to my person for them to earn this prize at this time.

    (This may enter the Nobel Prize of Medicine and is probably already under discussion throughout the science communities. However, it does not enter the above considerations like this because the idea "has been spread differently". Also, the academic requirements of creditation are the usual. I accept no stupidity to my person because some lucky person has received the chance for one's life as accomplishment. There is no inherent crime involved here, as always, when I write to people (places distinct, usually some university connection. The Prize may also, by my own willing with it, be picked up independently from the Prizes aspects above.)

  23. Yet another, under Physics and Astronomy:

    The text of cosmology as Big Bang Theory holds the Hubble's Constant based on WMAP-data/background radiation, this grants new insights to or against The Big Bang Theory by determining the relative speed to our own planet Earth inside the Solar System.

    Let me introduce "essential flat Universe" or "qualifiers for the essentially expanding Universe".

    The points:

    * whether all or some of these entities are moving away from us:

    1. the limit/boundary of the Milky Way disc
    2. the other local galaxies
    3. some of the outer objects inside the Milky Way
    4. whether the outer objects beyond the local group galaxies are moving away from us
    5. the movement or not of CfA2 Great Wall
    6. the movement or not of Sloan Great Wall
    7. the status of all objects inside the two categories Sloan Galaxies and Sloan Quasars

  24. Well, well, let me just say that my work in "Anti-HIV/AIDS" is now out the window and has been that way from the start because the description of HIV/AIDS checks in for real, no doubt, with virus and all the rest! Hopefully, there will be an acceptable way out of the disease for those afflicted! Cheers!

  25. Medicine? Physics? Being the Director, administrating and leading the scientific set-up and experiment for proving souls (of people).