Thursday, 1 December 2011

Some more on the Euro...

On the Euro "crisis": New rules under "The Euro Agreement", one is of course the 3% rule. Others can be of this nature:
"Our economy agrees to undergo these measures if we fail to limit the (actual) budget deficit!"
And we don't need an earthquake here in Europe for this to happen! We just need a more firm commitment and devotion for making it happen!

Can I remind people that 1 Euro per 1 Dollar is 1.347 by Google services?! (And the weather is looking good as they sometimes say mid-air, this time since ECU of 1999!)

I'm also with the words of Olli Rehn that this is about proper "economic governance" and "market firewalls to stem market turbulence"!

I think mr. Rehn has said the words to CNN, but I'm unable to locate it by their online Video section services!

This is posted to European Parliament moments ago! [All this was first written to Facebook and the page of the European Parliament also relates to Facebook!]

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