Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pakistan and Nefarious ISI - What About USA? (And they are 310 Mn!)

To begin with: Pakistan sits at 177,163,231 people, prior to my own estimate at 24 Mn (blush, seriously wrong)! They are also quite poor, being at GDP (PPP) 2011 estimate Per capita/person $2,851. GDP (nominal) 2011 estimate Per capita/person $1,197[4], for comparison, Germany is at 44 000 (thousand) $ and USA is at 45 000 (thousand) $ w/o the PPP or Nominal distinction!

That the ISI of Pakistan is, alright, accepted, as if I could ever have a judgement on it! But then "the Pakistan government could plausibly give the same verdict back prior to 9/11, before the Iraq war in 2001(?) and the whole shamble after, including the tense knuckle-game Worldwide and you are bigger than us, Pakistani, by your 310 Mn! We hope you understand our indignation of your description of us as "nefarious"" (by imagined words from the Pakistani political leaders! Cheers!

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