Saturday, 3 December 2011

Relating to Theories of the Universe and All the "Grand Ideas"

Relating to an article on books in a paper that I've bought, "and Swedish is hard to read, even in Helsinki".

One can ask, why is it necessary to assert that energy out of a black hole is anything more than energy? (FYI, there is indeed a beam of something coming out of black holes!) As from any star, you may be able to analyse chemical properties of this star by considering the light emitted out of chemical signatures for the relevant element (from the Table of Elements, mostly, /perhaps/). Further, why bother to assert more than what already is in the Universe as the Universe expands (rapidly, by quasars and all else, probably at the speed of light) that there is a parallel Universe when there's _not_ the faintest "parallelity" anywhere else to point to?

As with the romance of baby-black-holes (that has bust) I think we need to acknowledge that being human is to be small against nature and its Universe!
To understand one's humanity is to understand that one shouldn't hold views that one can't ground properly out of being a mere dot on a huge planet in a _far_ more HUGE Universe!

Thank you for your attention if you bother to read me!

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