Saturday, 3 December 2011

A New Architecture? - The Top Floor Ballooned

I have a new idea for a principle of architecture. You may balloon the top floor of a building on a good day with little wind. Now this "top floor" _can_ be very small, even down to a single office, but there it sits, on top of the building with balloons to be inflated and with rolled up chains to keep it down! Like it?


  1. With the music playing as the office(-building) lifts, "lift me up, lift me, higher, higher..." ("Lift Me Up" by Moby! Now, are you to be the first one, hanging from a balloon?)

  2. I put NO doubt that this idea can be as safe as air travel represents safe travel today, all with weather warning and rapid descent by emergency valves and heavy machinery for retracting the cables holding it fastened to the ground!

  3. I may share this idea with a team of people from Bangalore or so, and perhaps we split on 50% each!