Friday, 2 March 2018

On the Red-Blue Divide of Politics - The Left and Right Turns to Centrist and Right?

I see no opportunity for Red parties to hold on to the Socialism or the Socialist-Red (please, remember Nazi-Socialism). Their next move should be to declare themselves Purple and turn to Centrist politics.

It is the Socialists and Communists who are known to cause genocides. They have been quick to say "common good" without defining the Ethics and living the morality for it! We do have a tax-system (VAT and income tax etc.) that is meant to pay for public services. We have indeed the Democracy to provide the sensitivity for decision-making and I do not see how their insistence on "social justice" is supposed to be so right without the very justice itself. Is then the constant citation of social justice just an excuse for furthering the attack on humanity?

Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, whether Stalinism or Ukraine "mass death". You should know what I mean, what I imply and that lying publicly is going to be much harder in the time to come! Especially when facing the lawful scrutiny! Reds, be gone!

Ukraine and the genocide by rulers of Soviet Union:

The Israeli parties have been divided for a while already by blue, blueish and purple colours. Indeed, they have been the first in the World to "abolish" the Red side of politics. Check out:

Of the colour red, see also The Masque of the Red Death (The Terror of the Red Mask) and State-terror in France. by Edgar Allan Poe.

Atheist North Korea seems to be no bragging post either.

Red or not, not really religious people as such, I believe, committing sadism as part of genocide, the genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman empire: and At least there was dictatorship by ideals of Germany and Japan.

Either way, my opinion is here for you to read!


  1. After further thought on Socialism and Communism seems to me that Socialism/Communism erupts or is a consequence of (widespread) corruption in a society. My suspicion is that Socialism/Communism chosen for the hate it represents. Happy people tend to choose Capitalism under Democracy and Human Rights, having no troubles admitting the rewards for individual initiative!

    By this then, the support for Socialism/Communism should be read as a warning sign that the legal system needs (much) improvement. I do not regard Labour Movement to be part of Socialism/Communism, but rather the sensible worries of the working people!

    Reds, be gone further!

  2. Don't let the (current) internet fool you!

    As a matter of fact, it should say: Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, therefore Nazism being one type of Nationalism, which is modernised into Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

    It must be recognised that today's proper nationalism is Patriotism where people's _positive_ engagement in betterment of one's nation is the central, under democracy and human rights (UDHR).

    F*ck the rest, especially, "I enslave you for the common good!" social justice warriors! Or "I deny you your (democratic) rights for the common good!" social justice warriors! Who in fact are a kind of Nazi-Socialists or Nationalist-Socialists!

  3. Whether socialism or communism, let me add Cambodia and Red Khmer for the killing fields (way back then)!

  4. Rejection of Socialism in Future Politics

    It seems important to reject Socialism from politics in order to achieve Utopia.
    Socialism has a history of lying and deceit to the voters. It fails to respect Human Rights (UDHR) and its improvement, it fails to respect people's dignity, it fails to respect laws and regulations, it fails to respect the legal system and its improvement and Kantian ethical and moral character in people, especially the children (kindness).

    As I write this, I also think it's important to keep the Labour Movement and to win them over to center politics or right wing politics by making a better case for their future than the betrayal of Socialism ever can.

    In this regard, on the way to Utopia, The 4 Factors, revolvers or pistols, pepper spray, lie detection array (5 methods +) and radio-based scanner portals ("against 500 ills in human beings") are incredibly important and are likely to never be promoted by Socialism or beyond on the grounds mentioned above.

    Indeed, they say the welfare system and the case for all the (very) insane people piling up there, but fail people miserably in all other regards, only to faciliate the character killing of families in the shadows for sustaining evil in the World.

    The Blood of Idiot Pacifism

    Unarmed people killed under Josef Stalin, twice, also in Ukraine, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong or Red Khmer, etc.

    How much blood should the "monster pacifists" have before they realize the best democracy is the one where many are relied upon for justice, honesty, anti-corruption and human rights? Whether they are "monster pacifists" by idiocy or other is beyond me.

    Link, Blogspot, Charleston Shooting and Justice - Guns or Not:

    Note on the glaring connection of cowards against guns to the populations and Atheism and socialism and communism, in the most unholy union known to human kind!

    #AgainstSocialism #Socialism #Democracy #HumanRights #UDHR #Utopia #Progress #MoralProgress

  5. As such, it should be evident that all atrocities of the World have taken place or are taking place because of the fact that people are unarmed, have no revolvers or pistols. The fact that they are unarmed generate the most horrible circumstances, also, as we see from history, leading to genocides and mass killings. Note on corrupt military and most certainly corrupt police. Also corrupt military attacking other nations.

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