Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Being religious or being "wart"-religious - The choice is simple

Lately and with greater insight over a long period of time, the choice seems simple - being religious or being or becoming "wart"-religious. By "wart"-religious, I mean what happens when one (consistently) becomes immoral as a human being, one shoots off the humanity in one's self.

I agree that it is difficult to be religious at times as one is still exposed to bad people or even unscrupulous people.

As we Christians should know, the choice is between God and Heaven and Satan and Hell. However, it is unclear what qualifies to this in exact terms. Is it "so much sins" or "so much sins"? But what you can notice is that these bad people like to develop warts/papilloma both on the skin and inside the body, also in the brain. (See description of cancer like warts/papillomas.) They shed their humanity through and through by bad/vicious actions against others, preferably against good people (mostly religious). I think, therefore, that these people are "labeled" with warts/papillomas because the nervous system that also includes the brain is in its best state when the human is good and moral, also most intelligent. I.e., that I think the future will show that immoral people are those who have a bad nervous system full of warts/papilloma and that these warts/papillomas become a religion for them. They are doomed to cultivate their warts/papilloma as religion and that this is a spiral stair to Hell and a final state without humanity. They become monsters and enemies of humanity/the good people.

Again, I encourage you, the choice is easy! There is a choice between religion (eg. our/common Christianity or other "whitelist"-religion) or "wart"-religion and monsters in humanity.

You may want to search online for "wart(s)", "papilloma", "devil's mark" or "devil's taint." I have also written something about "wart(s)".

(Originally published in Norwegian at "www.verdidebatt.no" titled "Valget er enkelt - Å være religiøs eller å være "vorte"-religiøs", Oct 6, 2017.)

I'm saying that bad people are more likely to develop physical, literal warts (black/brown/red/white) in connection with their nervous system. You should know there are several types of warts, some of which are harmless.

It seems to me that all of the nervous system is affected by morality with a starting point where full health/full morality is the body without these "taints", triggers to the nervous system. So it can represent a new turn for religious people to stay away from a warty life and that these morally depraved people become these people with a wart/warts in the center of their lives. Only a claim for now, though.

Given all other strange efforts in 2017 and that no person is persecuted on grounds of warts, I don't see why people shouldn't have the information to be able to pursue investigation to what mentality these warts entail.

If it turns out to be true that cancer/warts are caused by (very) immoral thoughts/actions shouldn't the public know about it? Isn't it unscientific to shove such things under the rug on grounds of "politeness"?

I feel it's unfair to compare this effort to some (idiot/superstitious) instance of 1727 CE.

It's even more unfair if it turns out that people's mentality actually turns out to revolve around these things, the "warts", something we can use fMRI/MRI/plain sight to investigate in 2017.

To be clear then, this is not the suggestion for some kind of 21st century inquisition!

It has been my words, before the science, that have allowed us to smell the atmosphere of Mars without a person even setting foot there involving the sending of neurologically "compatible" signals straight from the planet's surface and then use a device to apply these signals to for example the skin of your nose-bone, no neural implants necessary.

You seem to demand that "I run before I can walk" and want to deny me the discussion of (possibly important) ideas. You make the unscientific claim that warts, the ones I discuss, the cancerous ones, arise from mere infection. This is not true. They are connected to the nervous system for reasons I'd like to investigate.

I see that Wikipedia is describing cancer apart from warts so if I just like to say that when I write "warts" I mean the "stuff" that has connections to the nervous system and that trigger (immoral) thoughts or dark feelings in the brain when they are touched, also by the mere contact of blood.
For now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_papillomavirus_infection.

Not in plain science yet, immoral people can be revealed by bio-electrical-value-readers straight from the skin although the results can be manipulated by use of cocaine (other as well?).

I find it important to make religious people more stalwart and faithful in their beliefs and in making the young people and Agnostics find religion attractive, also in intellectual respects.

There is an important difference in making mere science reports and submitting interesting ideas that may have positive impact in the World. Political correctness isn't a virtue and it's not a virtue either to write allegedly popular science that do not draw criticism.

I believe in my ideas until they may/might be disproven and to discuss them above the corruption in the World.

I write this (and the above) in full sincerity and that I am my brother's keeper!

Let's see who gets proven right!

Note: Ideas do come before the scientific evidence and it's part of science to make a scientific "program" (Imre Lakatos) in competition with other ideas to see who finally provides scientific description of worth.


  1. Some peculiar science from my hand that you may like now or in the future: It has been my words, before the science, that have allowed us to smell the atmosphere of Mars without a person even setting foot there involving the sending of neurologically "compatible" signals straight from the planet's surface and then use a device to apply these signals to for example the skin of your nose-bone, no neural implants necessary. The neural signals are converted from pick-up detector of a radio-stick, one type of radiology applied, I think now in hindsight, not knowing if Blogspot has deleted important text of mine!

    It may also be possible that radiology isn't necessary. Rather the only thing needed may be photovoltaics and then the conversion to neural signals. At the same time suggesting that the human body is a kind of "open" nervous system, one neural signal or other, depending on the organ!

  2. For the credibility of "allowed us to smell the atmosphere of Mars", I've actually written directly to NASA as they've asked for "ideas or comments" with my name and email-address (and some?) as well as written it to this blog some time ago (I can't remember when as I have lots of ideas to defend) whether "Norwegian influence or management" has deleted it or not (as they have done in the past, thinking of "Legal Commentary" and possibly other).

  3. The Argument From Evil (AE) and The Argument From Nonbelief (ANB), Theodore Drange, suggest to me that a person by these two ideas haven't followed through with modern, Biblical ethics (commonly Kantian) and morality. There is no seriousness from such a person to take up ethics/morality to such ends that the impression of God becomes sound enough. Rather such a person is more "eligible" for Hell in being dishonest and morally insufficient for Heaven. The idea of Heaven with the sound impression and deep feeling of God are lost to this person. With Søren Kierkegaard's Three stages of life, it seems that the aesthetics on behalf of the health and well being of people isn't strong enough to compel the person to these serious Christian/Kantian ethics or law-abiding character for that matter.

    Now, for real, I should have followed up with empirical studies by fMRI, interviews and retrieved neuro-values/bio-electrical values from research participants, but for now this will have to happen some other time into the future. However, the leads are given, you! Go and do?

    Supported by my idea as matter of logic, The Slipstream Argument - The requirements to Agnosticism increase..., link: https://whatiswritten777.blogspot.no/2013/07/the-slipstream-argument-requirements-to.html.

  4. "Warts" are here meant to imply all "malignant" warts, papilloma and cancerous stuff, no matter how these growths on and inside the human body present themselves.