Thursday, 17 August 2017

Cancer and I-relation - A new angle to Dualism - Relaunching

I've been having these "wild" thoughts as philosophical speculation. Whether cancer in a person and the corresponding view on oneself as "I" can relate to Dualism.

Now this may seem out of the ordinary and I'm trying to tie it together in this fashion: if one has cancer, does this cancer relate to one's own view of the "I"?

Let's say a confirming investigation could give something like this: one has cancer (always the case, only the ones who get questions) and then maybe answers such that "I" is of lesser importance or neglible.

So, "hopefully", one can find a correlation in cases of cancer (physical expression) and rather negative self-views on one's own "I" (the immaterial expression)! At least, this is what the investigation "aims" for, in that cancer can be seen as expression of a kind of negative impact on the (central) nervous system and therefore a negative impact on the self, the "I" correspondingly. Thus yielding insights to a dualistic view.

Sure thing, mind doesn't get cancer, thankfully, but it could be exciting to find a parallel expression in the mind if one exists. Maybe we are getting close to it above. No?

Far out? Long shot? What say you?

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