Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Catholic Seven Virtues and Seven Sins - Also by my "Rejection of the Cardinal Sins" Argument, in line with Kierkegaard Aesthetics

Catholic - Seven Virtues - Catholic - Seven Sins!

-. Virtue Latin Pedagogics

1. Chastity Castitas Modesty, also fidelity toward spouse, moderation in balanced quantities, as matter of personal discipline toward balance in life

2. Temperance Temperantia Balanced mind, sense of justice

3. Charity Caritas Caring for those who are in need, for the suffering, for those in despair

4. Diligence Industria Politeness, to be timely, to act with manner, the work ethics, the work duty

5. Patience Patientia To wait and be disciplined about it too

6. Kindness Humanitas Goodness, that one has the ability to care and respect, properly

7. Humility Humilitas Humility by sense, a type of respect, (NOT acceptance of slavery of accept any unlawful submission)

(In between here lies the 10 Commandments, one that translates into the laws and regulations for the modern Christian.)

-. Vice Latin Pedagogics

1. Lust Luxuria Lust, plainly, the excessive disposition toward lust as drive in life

2. Gluttony Gula Overweight, that one eats too much and care little else than for food

3. Greed Avaritia That money becomes an obsession in one's life

4. Sloth Socordia That inactivity and complacency replaces job and the drive to use one's body, to work

5. Wrath Ira Unrestrained anger, aggression toward "this and that", the random anger/hate/aggression

6. Envy Invidia The possession of others becomes an obsession

7. Pride Superbia Disrespect for the 10 commandments, do not abide by the laws and regulations in the modern sense

"The Roman Catholic Church also recognizes seven virtues, which correspond inversely to each of the seven deadly sins."

Quote marks, from Wikipedia. The very virtues and sins are also copied from Wikipedia.

I present this list for exactly the purpose by the text and especially over the irritation with the "Pride" sin that is probably the most misunderstood, quenching the notion that religious aren't supposed to be proud people (because I think they/we are mostly entitled this by the undertaking of community responsibility and so on, setting the good example.

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  3. 8. Conscience Conscientia Conscience for the 10 Commandments and the 7 Virtues alike

    Let my heart be broken with the same that makes God's heart broken.
    - Terje Lea, Eitland also as Robert Pierce. Nike's Ruby?

    Conscience enters as 8. virtue for the other 7 virtues and 10 commandments alike.

  4. The resting with history: A slight return to history and Catholic Church, at the time, the only Church of Christianity (some exceptions).

    The Forms after Plato

    - If one seeks to hold the forms, by Plato/Augustine, the highest with any church, one commits a worse deadly sin than any other deadly sin and it is, by consequence, to strike away these 3 important groups from the Bible, ot of which one is "only" ignorance.:

    - Stricken: The 7/8 Virtues
    - Stricken: The 10 Commandments
    - Ignored: The 7/8 Vices
    -- with the 8th Vice being stick with the Forms, i.e., the rituals, the words themselves only formally, the invokes, by theory of theology, an Induction to Christianity as a kind of religious test of nature to actually make Christians by having them to say words and to undergo religious rituals, the liturgy, the highest, that is, to support the formalities of the Church, any set, incl. possibly all, higher than the Word of God to one's own soul, the Bible, also by the deepest understanding itself.

    Therefore, considering the Evangelical-Lutheran Church today, by Christianity, there is only one thing to conclude with: it holds STRENGTH and so much so too, honouring St. Peter, the Rock of Faith, higher/highest too, equal to the honours that St. Peter evidently receives by the Catholic Church.

    (Please follow the Bible primarily, and with heart and soul too. Respects.)

  5. 4. Cardinal virtue is also described as being industrious, to generate industry for the community to which you also gain richness.

    I also like to add "the four classical cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and courage (or fortitude) with the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity." Again from Wikipedia.