Monday, 25 March 2013

Over Being Doing Malice in the World - The Laws and Regulations

The very failure to these "I'm with the powers"-people, they who claim to be "with" a different set of rules outside the ordinary laws and regulations by the national assemblies is that they/we fail/are OBSTRUCTED to separate the ones who are "evil all the way" vs. the ones who may "have tried to do something", i.e., working for a better World with less suffering, straight, no lying possible.

Again, the most hideous need to be accounted for by laws and regulations and that laws and regulations need to be acted upon or are acted upon, one or another, logically, in the World (and possibly beyond).

So, yesssssssssssss, I think we have this SQUARED DOWN!!!

Links and more text may be added.

Watch up for key word: operationalism and remember, please, HDI/mHDI (crime stat's incl.)

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  1. There is a smaller attack on "Sociobiology" by emphasising that human kind has set up United Nations and made the following take place:

    Power or "Macht" in German - The Political Philosophy

    As any person/idiot/lunatic utters the word "power" or "force" or the words "personal power", one has to admit that one person can't take "power" outside the legal boundaries of police power or represent military power to any extent (implicitly, without the presence of military conflict and justifiably so, allowing no attacks on civilians as such).

    Further, therefore, by definition and civilisation, all words of "power", "force", and "personal force" lie under the national assemblies or the state powers combined, the legislative, the ruling, the executive and the (state) monitoring/"watch dog" (media and lawyers to the public, not the police lawyers).

    Note: France is addressed in particular, ref. "Critical Theory" and "Social Power".

    Ref. Austin (language philosophy), psychology (carnivore psychology).