Monday, 7 January 2013

Experiments of the "Frankenstein" kind - Recommendation

By letter to Austria, I can't remember to where I've sent it, perhaps their embassy or something, several years ago, I claim "to have won Austria" by arguing that the "Frankenstein"-experiment of creating life from traditionally dead material must be re-established on a standard basis, "by one university or several universities (fx. 4/20 at least)" because of cited difficulties of separating smallest life-units, organisms, from minerals and that we can't envision the generation of life any other way than exactly this.
Even then, one starts with "a kind of minerals" or a concoction that forms minerals and that (life-)organisms are entailed by this to start with!
Initially, I've claimed only half a point and awarded the last 0,5 point after. Good?

By this, I may have just taken the full point myself, but being awarded the half is cool enough too, in being a hand-shake of kind.

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