Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Call for the Total Abolition of Torture

With my call for the  formal abolition of torture (practice/reality /should follow), I also happen to recall something about a prize for the 1st one to give a reasoned foundation for exactly the Total Abolition of Torture, (let's say early 90s, my years in Sr. High School), also along with reading a book over Amnesty International as kind of history "less than 100 pages" and something with 21 statutes in it. Am I correct?

The book is probably, at 144 pages:

"We have a suspect", The Amnesty International Handbook Amnesty International Staff (Author), Marie Staunton (Editor) written in the 80s.

I may recommend that you also buy:

Torture in the Eighties (Amnesty International Report) [Paperback], Amnesty International (Author).

By the feat of identifying this reasoned foundation for "the Abolition",

by obligation too: There is a Nobel Peace Prize and there is a Nobel Peace Prize Committee! "By this, "the Abolition"..., I know!" - Olsnes-Lea (I hope you are able to smile with me in some time to come, me not lying 6 ft. under!)


  1. Originally written at 14. Jan. 2013 with some "last" comment added some minutes ago today.

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  3. Italy has actually outlawed all torture after this. :-)