Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Palaeontology: Warning and Questions! - The given science by nature...

To the "conjurers", the cheaters... A warning!

It concerns palaeontology in the way that one can (possibly, not normal) "conjure" or "produce" fossils by doing the "voodoo", horrible to (I guess) children, them being most "popular" and their "plasticity", in seeking "freak nature" of this kind, can be directed toward "producing"/"conjuring" these fossils "on demand" and "by design", actually! All I'm saying is that I'm against this "practice" by palaeontologists and associates who may no longer have the mentality of human beings after treating people this horribly bad! I'm also sorry that this comes to you as readers as other-worldly!

The science.

Besides, has anybody pondered the time span of abiogenesis to today's animals? It seems that the speed of abiogenesis is quite rapid in laboratory experiments and more crucially, what decides which animals/organisms get developed first?

Is there a definite palaeontological logic that says that human beings can't be developed "straight up" as long as the fundamentals for living are there, the temperature, the fruits and all other edible and so on?

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