Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Lie Detectors - Improved Police Work and Courts

There's this strong belief in the single or combined use of these 5 methods of lie detection:

* Polygraph testing
* Voice stress analysers
* Mimicry including capillory dilation
* fMRI and its brain signals, also where it says "lie", "false" and "deception"
* Transdermal Optical Imaging (new)

These can greatly contribute to police standards of practice, routinely used. The courts have earlier been encouraged to use both video and audio recordings for lie detection in the process of legal work at these arenas.

It's also a strong belief that the combined use of all or any 2 gives the lie itself its death. That lying dies as this is incorporated on all levels throughout the legal systems of the World. That reality gives these 4 methods 100% (or near-100%) hit level in revealing lies/lying.

I'll follow up on some cases where its use can greatly influence the results. Ok? Cheers!

Transdermal Optical Imaging is presented by Kang Lee on TedTalks, by url, .

(Also see my work on ethical (moral) objectivity here: .)

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  1. One more method to say that lying to the Police is dead, many times over. Transdermal Optical Imaging added today.