Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Philosophical Positions - Reiteration

Ethics: Kantian (Neo-Kantian), Deontologist, Moral Realist, Ethical Objectivist, I'll include Cognitivist also so that it doesn't escape in it all

Applied Ethics: Deep Ecology Philosopher and Pro-Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide Philosopher.

Philosophy of Language: Artificial Language Philosopher, De Dicto - Propositional - Philosopher, Gricean in meaning theory
- Formally settling the question of language philosophy (also including logical contorversies). This is it: The further development of my position on "Artificial Language Philosophy" is this simplicity, that more or less settles it, is that as the logical connectives enter the artificial language in non-contradictory way and maintaining the strict logical requirements of being consistent, the logical connectives can be read aloud like this fx. "the logical connective NOT" to [entity] "by parantheses" and reading onwards and that this, principally makes Carnap's project crossing the finishing line! - Carnap is the Winner along with the rest of us!

Epistemology: Foundherentist (Foundationalism by photons and other quants, you can also add time and space to this, although, by Smolin, I don't bother to support more than 4 dimensions, 3 space and 1 time) and Internalist Externalist Compatibilist

Philosophy of Science: Scientific Realist, Fallback strategy to heuristic Instrumentalism and Operationalism which both include Conventionalism, Formally: Phenomenologist,  Revisionist Standard Model Philosopher and Cumulative Growth of Knowledge Philosopher or Anti-Kuhnian

Metaphysics: Interactionist, Solipsist and Quietist (there's a problem relating to the status of reality. I believe in God, being a deist, status of the mind effecting matter, the brain, taking part in the kingdom of ideas, and so on. I'd really like to put Realism in here, but I find it impossible because it's likely to cut me short), Free Will Philosopher, Truth Realist, Universalism and Particularism Compatibilist

Philosophy of Mind: Reductionist/Substance Dualist (It depends on the development of Standard Model in Physics)

Logics: Logical Realist

Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematical Realist and Tarski-Gödel Compatibilist

Philosophy of Politics: Utopian, Activist, Welfare-Capitalist, Conservative, Cosmopolitanist, Realist, Pragmatist, Idealist (maybe synonymous with Utopian), Multiculturalist, Patriotist and Secularist (!)
- Accordance Realist Pragmatist Idealist with the all-important word Accordance. - This enters in light of my little notice that pays respect to all of these three concepts inline, properly

Philosophy of Law (as formerly written): Absolutist, Legislationist and Originalist (!), Formalist Philosopher and Legal Reasoning Closure Principle Philosopher, legal reasoning, being valid, has to comply with logical entailment and that this is minimally the claim that it does, apart from the (many book) examples that it does. (This is only a formal note, not the text for lawyers to actually having to sit and make these logical texts themselves, i.e., to burden them with much extra work.)

Philosophy of Business: Minimalist (rather jokingly, as earlier noted) (!)

Philosophy of Religion: Scientific Deist, Modern Christian, Moderate Christian, Reasonable Christian, Scientologist, Ecumenical Philosopher, Deist: (Deism & Christianity = compatible "with Bible belief intact", 10 Comm., the rest) and All-Interpretationist (math. "union-U"), but only the best acc. to sense, pref. my own, also by "The Scientific Bible 2.0 - Commentary to the Bible, All Versions".

Philosophy of Aesthetics: Kantian

Philosophy of Public Relations: That under Philosophy of Public Relations (PR), I declare myself "white-side"/anti-Goebbels.
- By this, I also note that (black-side-)Goebbels is a bloody negative study and that one must remember that he has been a core-Nazi-German and all that this brings with a personhood of deep corruption. Despite this, Goebbels must have set into operation such vastness that it would have made Aristotle drool for months after witnessing it. USA has no poss. to object to this position of mine, formal note.

Note: This is taken from my Issues from the Internet.


  1. One should know that I deeply support Feminism, but I've considered it part of ethical stance. Therefore, practically speaking, you can write:
    Feminism Supporter or Feminist straight, from man to women!

  2. I am indeed a (Religious-) Humanist if it has escaped somebody. Under Ethics positions, I suppose.

    It seems my comments under this post have disappeared. Well, well, let's see what turns up!

  3. Applied Ethics: Pro-Choice Phil., Pro-Death Penalty Phil., Pro-Guns/Self-Defence (First and foremost, the revolvers and pepperspray), Pro-Liberal Drugs, but responsibly, by "physicians programs" for the "worst" drug-addicts.

  4. Philosophy of Religion:
    Turning to logic again, given my position as Christian Deist, I live out science by God's fingers, God's ways of reality. Thus I take great pleasure in science, both by learning and doing "a bit" of research myself. From this position of a kind of Scientific Deism, there are the strong points of seeing God more loosely and interpreting the Bible more loosely as well, taking great care of Christian/Kantian ethics and morality in the modern and moderate sense.