Thursday, 9 May 2013

Objection to the International Blur of Power - The UN Sky

The former Interpol discussion has made it clear that even Interpol has had a need "to have its legs into one by one nation" because the instructions and international police work simply has become too messy formerly, by history record. Its on this note of wisdom that I object to bulging idiot governance of UN that speaks  against the serious political science and I advice the (financial) accounts of the UN to follow the accountable patters still, that UN represents international agreement and national accountability and that indirect-indirect delegation of power from the nations is one that doesn't deal exactly more power than that, making it necessary to negotiate the agreements with the respective national assemblies to establish it.

So instead of "flashing various (agent) cards", of diplomatic status too, of authority and being by very special agant (Mulder) then rather the extra attention toward certain problems like in this case a list of crimes to cover where money, yes, that the money goes to Interpol/Europol/FBI. This must be the objective answer. UN isn't some blurred political power in the sky and never will be either (if we bother to discipline the organisation properly, holding consciousness to it every year).

Keyword: reporting (accurate), that's right, the report, one d*mn job duty, the reporting.

UN: reporting (accurate), international agreement and discussion over international matters (toward agreement/making explicit notes).

(This is for public education if nothing else.)

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