Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Literature Research of Norway - The Aftermath Research of Literature Conn. with WW2/Nazi-Relation

Knut Hamsun of displaying "atheist standing" in Growth of the Soils, by theory of mine of him as referring the educated Erasmus Montanus to the Erasmus of Rotterdam "for sitting/being King of the Bible on top of a mountain of Bibles throughout Europe. He is known for anti-semitic position/Nazi-sympathies and that my judgment on this stands /more firm/ since I have set up the /new mSomatist Two-Category psychiatry theory/ (that is, I am the holder of this /name/)!!! So even if I may be reiterating previous suspicions by other literature-researchers, I can still be said to reinforce this view /because/ of this theory (of mine, my intellectual work)! Good?

Url for Erasmus of Rotterdam: !

Note: this finding has first been published on Facebook "a while ago" and on grounds of the psychiatric theory of mine, mSomatism Two-Category Diagn. System, I am alone on this.


  1. It's worth noting that Knut Pedersen Hamsun has won the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1920.

  2. Under this, given the Nobel Prize in Literature to Mo Yan, and "basically" apart from the above, I've tried to write this to the congratulations commenting field: "Congratulations to Mo Yan as a winner from the country of Confucius and not from sinful Europe (incl. its high crime)." That this message is about 140 characters and that they censor stuff of relatively innocent nature, probably due to NDNID/the shift of Religions/Atheism and the Hindenburg-New York, a bit pathetic I must say! Cheers!

  3. Apart, but with Ibsen and "Vildanden" (Norwegian word of old), Gregers must be considered compatible with the 10 commandments and the Christian life to God and Heaven, while creating viable gene/life.