Monday, 1 October 2012

Personal Acceptance of Faculty of Theology and Considerations over Thomas Paine

I can now accept Faculty of Theology as part of every university because as much as one studies arts and more (subjective) aesthetic topics, that it can provide a kind of satisfaction (and avoid the cultish) to provide the openness of university to show for the artful / senseful ways of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the others, also, by formal notice, the main mission, to provide the religious guidance through life in properly educated ways (let's forget, therefore, as a kind of celebration of priesthood "speaking to us today", the very uneducated quality of a perverse person such as Hitler)!!!

Caution: I don't want the association with Thomas Paine yet although I've been inspired by his clear thought as much as Johann Kaspar Schmidt has inspired me by his (early Schmidt) statement over God!

I have yet to read Paine's most important work (and that this is the biggest reason) and that I may be of strong Christian belief given some possible exemptions of the liturgical / theological kinds (despite the fact that I have written that I am NOT a Christian, but that this has to do with membership of a given Church, that it has been impossible for me to take part in the Norwegian Church because I haven't had the ease of mind and that I've feared they would use it as an excuse for further violations against my life, maybe unpopular too with the common church-goer, result thus, exit 2003), that fx. I refuse to lay my sins on Jesus, but expect to be punished for them "until God satisfied" in the Purgatory!

I'm good and I hope you are too! Cheers!

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