Friday, 12 May 2017

Does immorality force one to reject Christianity?

Does immorality force one to reject Christianity? That the logic of the mind by one's lack of morality in "losing" one's soul by deep sins against humanity/nature causes one to reject God/Christianity...

Rejecting God can be the equivalent of embracing non-belief, Atheism, Satanism etc.

So, clearly when one has chosen a path of life outside ethics that qualify for God's grace and Heaven then all on the "outside" must be promising, also thrust a "scientific attack" against Christians for a "magical" thinking as well as displaying a "disbelief" of these propositions of religious belief, i.e., Heaven, God, stories of the Bible, the message of the Bible and so on...

So I see these alternatives for those outside faith:
1. To go on "crusade" against the faithful, the righteous... To wage arguments of chaos and hopelessness ("come, join me in immorality as there's no other way...").
2. To be silent and let life go on.
3. To oppose all life by all one's life and resources by hidden war against the goodness!
4. To enter Christianity in order to subvert/undermine Church and activities and goodness everywhere, to be a hypocrite!

What say you? Any logical soundness to this? Is this credible? A realistic description? Serious as it is!

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