Monday, 22 September 2014

Economy of Happiness - Relaunched

Along with mHDI, respects to the HDI-inventor from Pakistan, I suggest that one starts to make a money-number on fairly immaterial concepts, such as (physical) security, ethical complacency, and mental order/happiness by scope, not "robotics", with (legal) free will and autonomy kept.

With this comes a "quantified" GDP value that economists can consider, also to the population at large, adding military/police forces/system calm to satisfy very-money-interested people, all money included (black money too?).

Where these costs are calculated to belong to the public budgets (state, regional, local) or the private ones, where these may be, is beyond me.

The idea is of course to add (physical) security aspects to a general view of economics, not necessarily leading to private police (like in San Franscisco in the 30s(?)). In writing this, we need to see that physical security adds some qualities to our lives and that these can be expressed just like other services are expressed in numbers, like the cleaning of hotel rooms. Thus, physical security can be part of a bigger picture of goverment responsibility and liability. Agree?

(Also consider the Greenspanism, the quantified/justified parts of household budgets and economy overall.)

PS: To enter the 100% Society too.

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