Monday, 6 August 2012

A Patent for USB Mirroring as USB Back-Up Devices

Patent is hereby suggested (if not already made in Japan or elsewhere) that one makes a "mirroring" device for USB storage (services) directly and only for now, so as to produce USB storage security (outside US American OS dominance and control_o_mania if there is any such)! We need the following LED indicators: Input USB - red/green LED Output USB - red/green LED Progress lights (4 or five, shifting like on an airstrip some place)
Not ready light Ready light (And these are all that are needed!) Then we need simple inbuilt programming algorithms for recognising the USB devices and to clarify their storage spaces so as to match the USBs, in particular USB input to (greater) USB output (the mirrroring side) and then go, according to lights, setting the whole thing into motion, _using_ it!!! Cheers!

It is also to go with power-cable and only battery after special considerations such as a "fully loaded battery table, on battery size capacity!


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  2. Subsidiarily, I just add this here for having it publicly somewhere: My Proposal for the Norwegian Postal Directive as a Matter of EU Legislation.
    by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea on Sunday, 5 August 2012 at 06:13 CEST.

    Upon the postal services legislation, This has been/is my suggestion for solving the Norwegian Postal Directory (of Competition) EU Legislation: that the 3 independent companies are set up, the (1) postal outlets, (2) the postal trucks and transport services, and the postal sorting terminals (where all mail gets directed to the proper area (code)). Then there was no problem anymore... I also happen to think it has been put into legislation yet I haven't checked...The point with the above is /then/ that all players (the postal companies) use this structure as plugins for their own companies... (This has been assumed in the above text.)Parallel options are of course fully valid and it should be up to the companies themselves to set the level of service to their customers.Originally: Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea sier Jeg vil bare si dere dette: for å løse konflikten her kan man gjøre følgende, Postens lastebiler blir eget selskap for alle aktører, Postens kontorer og lokaler blir også eget selskap for alle aktører! Og så er det fritt frem! Hva er problemet? (Forresten, Postens sorteringsterminaler må også bli eget selskap.) Alright?29. juni kl. 23:07From .

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